Silvia Tomić
Silvia Tomić
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Non-Ohmic Electrical Transport in the Spin-Density-Wave State of Tetramethyltetraselenafulvalinium Nitrate, N
S Tomić, JR Cooper, D Jérome, K Bechgaard
Physical review letters 62 (4), 462, 1989
Coexistence of superconductivity and spin density wave orderings in the organic superconductor (TMTSF) 2 PF 6
T Vuletić, P Auban-Senzier, C Pasquier, S Tomić, D Jérome, M Heritier, ...
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 25 (3 …, 2002
The spin-ladder and spin-chain system (La, Y, Sr, Ca) 14Cu24O41: Electronic phases, charge and spin dynamics
T Vuletić, B Korin-Hamzić, T Ivek, S Tomić, B Gorshunov, M Dressel, ...
Physics reports 428 (4), 169-258, 2006
The pressure-temperature phase diagram of the organic conductor (2, 5 DM-DCNQI) 2Cu
S Tomic, D Jérome, A Aumuller, P Erk, S Hunig, JU Von Schütz
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 21 (8), L203, 1988
Absence of charge order in the dimerized κ-phase BEDT-TTF salts
K Sedlmeier, S Elsässer, D Neubauer, R Beyer, D Wu, T Ivek, S Tomić, ...
Physical Review B 86 (24), 245103, 2012
Dielectric relaxation of DNA aqueous solutions
S Tomić, SD Babić, T Vuletić, S Krča, D Ivanković, L Griparić, R Podgornik
Physical Review E 75 (2), 021905, 2007
Dielectric relaxation of DNA aqueous solutions
S Tomić, SD Babić, T Vuletić, S Krča, D Ivanković, L Griparić, R Podgornik
Physical Review E 75 (2), 021905, 2007
Suppression of the Charge-Density-Wave State in by Calcium Doping
T Vuletić, B Korin-Hamzić, S Tomić, B Gorshunov, P Haas, T Room, ...
Physical review letters 90 (25), 257002, 2003
Electrodynamic response of the charge ordering phase: Dielectric and optical studies of -(BEDT-TTF)I
T Ivek, B Korin-Hamzić, O Milat, S Tomić, C Clauss, N Drichko, ...
Physical Review B 83 (16), 165128, 2011
EPR and electrical conductivity of the organic superconductor di-tetramethyltetraselenafulvalenium-perchlorate,(TMTSF) 2ClO4 and a metastable magnetic state obtained by fast …
S Tomić, D Jérome, P Monod, K Bechgaard
Journal de Physique Lettres 43 (23), 839-844, 1982
Probing the order parameter of the layered organic superconductor by ac susceptibility measurements
M Pinterić, S Tomić, M Prester, D Drobac, O Milat, K Maki, D Schweitzer, ...
Physical Review B 61 (10), 7033, 2000
Ferroelectricity in molecular solids: A review of electrodynamic properties
S Tomić, M Dressel
Reports on Progress in Physics 78 (9), 096501, 2015
Anisotropic charge dynamics in the quantum spin-liquid candidate
M Pinterić, M Čulo, O Milat, M Basletić, B Korin-Hamzić, E Tafra, A Hamzić, ...
Physical Review B 90 (19), 195139, 2014
Quantum spin liquids unveil the genuine Mott state
A Pustogow, M Bories, A Löhle, R Rösslhuber, E Zhukova, B Gorshunov, ...
Nature materials 17 (9), 773-777, 2018
Phase transition and non-Ohmic electrical transport in the spin-density-wave state of the organic conductor tetramethyltetraselenafulvalinium hexafluorophosphate [(TMTSF) 2 PF 6]
W Kang, S Tomić, JR Cooper, D Jérome
Physical Review B 41 (7), 4862, 1990
Magnetic anisotropy and low-frequency dielectric response of weak ferromagnetic phase in κ-(BEDT-TTF) 2Cu [N (CN) 2] Cl, where BEDT-TTF is Bis (ethylenedithio) tetrathiafulvalene
M Pinterić, M Miljak, N Biškup, O Milat, I Aviani, S Tomić, D Schweitzer, ...
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 11 (2 …, 1999
Influence of internal disorder on the superconducting state in the organic layered superconductor
M Pinterić, S Tomić, M Prester, Đ Drobac, K Maki
Physical Review B 66 (17), 174521, 2002
Charge-density wave formation in
B Gorshunov, P Haas, T Room, M Dressel, T Vuletić, B Korin-Hamzić, ...
Physical Review B 66 (6), 060508, 2002
Calorimetric study of the phase transitions in niobium triselenide NbSe3
S Tomić, K Biljaković, D Djurek, JR Cooper, P Monceau, A Meerschaut
Solid State Communications 38 (2), 109-112, 1981
Lattice vibrations of the charge-transfer salt κ−(BEDT-TTF) 2 Cu 2 (CN) 3: Comprehensive explanation of the electrodynamic response in a spin-liquid compound
M Dressel, P Lazić, A Pustogow, E Zhukova, B Gorshunov, JA Schlueter, ...
Physical Review B 93 (8), 081201, 2016
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