Andrew J Mason
Andrew J Mason
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A scalable wavelet transform VLSI architecture for real-time signal processing in high-density intra-cortical implants
KG Oweiss, A Mason, Y Suhail, AM Kamboh, KE Thomson
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers 54 (6), 1266-1278, 2007
A sentinel sensor network for hydrogen sensing
CA Grimes, KG Ong, OK Varghese, X Yang, G Mor, M Paulose, EC Dickey, ...
Sensors 3 (3), 69-82, 2003
A generic multielement microsystem for portable wireless applications
A Mason, N Yazdi, AV Chavan, K Najafi, KD Wise
Proceedings of the IEEE 86 (8), 1733-1746, 1998
A generic interface chip for capacitive sensors in low-power multi-parameter microsystems
N Yazdi, A Mason, K Najafi, KD Wise
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 84 (3), 351-361, 2000
CMOS electrochemical instrumentation for biosensor microsystems: A review
H Li, X Liu, L Li, X Mu, R Genov, A Mason
Sensors 17 (1), 74, 2017
Amperometric electrochemical microsystem for a miniaturized protein biosensor array
C Yang, Y Huang, BL Hassler, RM Worden, AJ Mason
IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems 3 (3), 160-168, 2009
Lab-on-CMOS integration of microfluidics and electrochemical sensors
Y Huang, AJ Mason
Lab on a chip 13 (19), 3929-3934, 2013
Compact low-power impedance-to-digital converter for sensor array microsystems
C Yang, SR Jadhav, RM Worden, AJ Mason
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 44 (10), 2844-2855, 2009
Area-power efficient VLSI implementation of multichannel DWT for data compression in implantable neuroprosthetics
AM Kamboh, M Raetz, KG Oweiss, A Mason
IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems 1 (2), 128-135, 2007
CMOS amperometric instrumentation and packaging for biosensor array applications
L Li, X Liu, WA Qureshi, AJ Mason
IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems 5 (5), 439-448, 2011
Multichannel monolithic quartz crystal microbalance gas sensor array
X Jin, Y Huang, A Mason, X Zeng
Analytical Chemistry 81 (2), 595-603, 2009
Low Power Multimode Electrochemical Gas Sensor Array System for Wearable Health and Safety Monitoring
H Li, X Mu, Y Yang, A Mason
IEEE Sensors Journal, 2014
A low-power wireless microinstrumentation system for environmental monitoring
A Mason, N Yazdi, K Najafi, KD Wise
Proc. Transducers 95, 107-110, 1995
Computationally Efficient Neural Feature Extraction for Spike Sorting in Implantable High-Density Recording Systems
AM Kamboh, AJ Mason
IEEE Trans. Neural Sys Rehabilitation Engineering, 1-1, 2013
A low noise readout circuit for integrated electrochemical biosensor arrays
J Zhang, N Trombly, A Mason
Sensors, 2004. Proceedings of IEEE, 36-39, 2004
Electrochemical array microsystem with integrated potentiostat
J Zhang, Y Huang, N Trombly, C Yang, A Mason
Sensors, 2005 IEEE, 4 pp., 2005
Highly adaptive transducer interface circuit for multiparameter microsystems
J Zhang, J Zhou, A Mason
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers 54 (1), 167-178, 2007
Miniaturized planar room temperature ionic liquid electrochemical gas sensor for rapid multiple gas pollutants monitoring
H Wan, H Yin, L Lin, X Zeng, AJ Mason
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 255, 638-646, 2018
Ionic liquid thin layer EQCM explosives sensor
L Yu, Y Huang, X Jin, AJ Mason, X Zeng
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 140 (2), 363-370, 2009
A Robust Flexible Electrochemical Gas Sensor Using Room Temperature Ionic Liquid
X Mu, Z Wang, X Zeng, AJ Mason
IEEE Sensors Journal, 2013
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