Thomas Watson
Thomas Watson
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A programmable two-qubit quantum processor in silicon
TF Watson, SGJ Philips, E Kawakami, DR Ward, P Scarlino, M Veldhorst, ...
Nature 555 (7698), 633, 2018
Qubits made by advanced semiconductor manufacturing
AMJ Zwerver, T Krähenmann, TF Watson, L Lampert, HC George, ...
Nature Electronics 5 (3), 184-190, 2022
Spin blockade and exchange in Coulomb-confined silicon double quantum dots
B Weber, YHM Tan, S Mahapatra, TF Watson, H Ryu, R Rahman, ...
Nature nanotechnology 9 (6), 430, 2014
Benchmarking Gate Fidelities in a Two-Qubit Device
X Xue, TF Watson, J Helsen, DR Ward, DE Savage, MG Lagally, ...
Physical Review X 9 (2), 021011, 2019
Two-electron spin correlations in precision placed donors in silicon
MA Broome, SK Gorman, MG House, SJ Hile, JG Keizer, D Keith, CD Hill, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 980, 2018
Atomically engineered electron spin lifetimes of 30 s in silicon
TF Watson, B Weber, YL Hsueh, LCL Hollenberg, R Rahman, ...
Science advances 3 (3), e1602811, 2017
Radio frequency measurements of tunnel couplings and singlet–triplet spin states in Si: P quantum dots
MG House, T Kobayashi, B Weber, SJ Hile, TF Watson, J Van Der Heijden, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 8848, 2015
Single-shot spin readout in semiconductors near the shot-noise sensitivity limit
D Keith, MG House, MB Donnelly, TF Watson, B Weber, MY Simmons
Physical Review X 9 (4), 041003, 2019
High-Fidelity Rapid Initialization and Read-Out of an Electron Spin via the Single Donor Charge State
TF Watson, B Weber, MG House, H Büch, MY Simmons
Physical review letters 115 (16), 166806, 2015
High-fidelity single-shot singlet-triplet readout of precision-placed donors in silicon
MA Broome, TF Watson, D Keith, SK Gorman, MG House, JG Keizer, ...
Physical review letters 119 (4), 046802, 2017
Engineering independent electrostatic control of atomic-scale (∼ 4 nm) silicon double quantum dots
B Weber, S Mahapatra, TF Watson, MY Simmons
Nano letters 12 (8), 4001-4006, 2012
A Fully Integrated Cryo-CMOS SoC for Qubit Control in Quantum Computers Capable of State Manipulation, Readout and High-Speed Gate Pulsing of Spin Qubits in Intel 22nm FFL …
JS Park, S Subramanian, L Lampert, T Mladenov, I Klotchkov, D Kurian, ...
ISSCC, 208-210, 2021
Repetitive quantum nondemolition measurement and soft decoding of a silicon spin qubit
X Xue, B D’Anjou, TF Watson, DR Ward, DE Savage, MG Lagally, ...
Physical Review X 10 (2), 021006, 2020
A fully integrated cryo-CMOS SoC for state manipulation, readout, and high-speed gate pulsing of spin qubits
J Park, S Subramanian, L Lampert, T Mladenov, I Klotchkov, DJ Kurian, ...
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 56 (11), 3289-3306, 2021
Transport in asymmetrically coupled donor-based silicon triple quantum dots
TF Watson, B Weber, JA Miwa, S Mahapatra, RMP Heijnen, MY Simmons
Nano letters 14 (4), 1830-1835, 2014
High volume electrical characterization of semiconductor qubits
R Pillarisetty, HC George, TF Watson, L Lampert, N Thomas, S Bojarski, ...
2019 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 31.5. 1-31.5. 4, 2019
Qubit device integration using advanced semiconductor manufacturing process technology
R Pillarisetty, N Thomas, HC George, K Singh, J Roberts, L Lampert, ...
2018 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 6.3. 1-6.3. 4, 2018
Spatial noise correlations in a Si/SiGe two-qubit device from Bell state coherences
JM Boter, X Xue, T Krähenmann, TF Watson, VN Premakumar, DR Ward, ...
Physical Review B 101 (23), 235133, 2020
13.1 a fully integrated cryo-cmos soc for qubit control in quantum computers capable of state manipulation, readout and high-speed gate pulsing of spin qubits in intel 22nm ffl …
JS Park, S Subramanian, L Lampert, T Mladenov, I Klotchkov, DJ Kurian, ...
2021 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 64, 208-210, 2021
Spin–orbit coupling in silicon for electrons bound to donors
B Weber, YL Hsueh, TF Watson, R Li, AR Hamilton, LCL Hollenberg, ...
npj Quantum Information 4 (1), 61, 2018
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