Elisabeth Remy
Elisabeth Remy
Chargée de Recherche, CNRS, Aix-Marseille Université
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GOToolBox: functional analysis of gene datasets based on Gene Ontology
D Martin, C Brun, E Remy, P Mouren, D Thieffry, B Jacq
Genome biology 5 (12), 1-8, 2004
Graphic requirements for multistability and attractive cycles in a Boolean dynamical framework
É Remy, P Ruet, D Thieffry
Advances in Applied Mathematics 41 (3), 335-350, 2008
Isoperimetry and heat kernel decay on percolation clusters
P Mathieu, E Remy
The Annals of Probability 32 (1A), 100-128, 2004
Dynamically consistent reduction of logical regulatory graphs
A Naldi, E Remy, D Thieffry, C Chaouiya
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Qualitative modelling of regulated metabolic pathways: application to the tryptophan biosynthesis in E.Coli
E Simao, E Remy, D Thieffry, C Chaouiya
Bioinformatics 21 (suppl_2), ii190-ii196, 2005
GeneANOVA—gene expression analysis of variance
G Didier, P Brézellec, E Remy, A Hénaut
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Petri net modelling of biological regulatory networks
C Chaouiya, E Remy, D Thieffry
Journal of Discrete Algorithms 6 (2), 165-177, 2008
Qualitative analysis of regulatory graphs: a computational tool based on a discrete formal framework
C Chaouiya, E Remy, B Mossé, D Thieffry
Positive Systems, 119-126, 2003
Qualitative modelling of genetic networks: From logical regulatory graphs to standard petri nets
C Chaouiya, E Remy, P Ruet, D Thieffry
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A description of dynamical graphs associated to elementary regulatory circuits
E Remy, B Mossé, C Chaouiya, D Thieffry
Bioinformatics 19 (suppl_2), ii172-ii178, 2003
A modeling approach to explain mutually exclusive and co-occurring genetic alterations in bladder tumorigenesis
E Remy, S Rebouissou, C Chaouiya, A Zinovyev, F Radvanyi, L Calzone
Cancer research 75 (19), 4042-4052, 2015
Discovery of drug synergies in gastric cancer cells predicted by logical modeling
Å Flobak, A Baudot, E Remy, L Thommesen, D Thieffry, M Kuiper, ...
PLoS Comput Biol 11 (8), e1004426, 2015
From minimal signed circuits to the dynamics of Boolean regulatory networks
E Remy, P Ruet
Bioinformatics 24 (16), i220-i226, 2008
Random walk with restart on multiplex and heterogeneous biological networks
A Valdeolivas, L Tichit, C Navarro, S Perrin, G Odelin, N Levy, P Cau, ...
Bioinformatics 35 (3), 497-505, 2019
Dynamical modeling and analysis of large cellular regulatory networks
D Bérenguier, C Chaouiya, PT Monteiro, A Naldi, E Remy, D Thieffry, ...
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 23 (2), 025114, 2013
A reduction of logical regulatory graphs preserving essential dynamical properties
A Naldi, E Remy, D Thieffry, C Chaouiya
International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology, 266-280, 2009
From logical regulatory graphs to standard petri nets: dynamical roles and functionality of feedback circuits
E Remy, P Ruet, L Mendoza, D Thieffry, C Chaouiya
Transactions on Computational Systems Biology VII, 56-72, 2006
Petri net representation of multi-valued logical regulatory graphs
C Chaouiya, A Naldi, E Remy, D Thieffry
Natural Computing 10 (2), 727-750, 2011
Mapping multivalued onto Boolean dynamics
G Didier, E Remy, C Chaouiya
Journal of theoretical biology 270 (1), 177-184, 2011
TranscriptomeBrowser: a powerful and flexible toolbox to explore productively the transcriptional landscape of the Gene Expression Omnibus database
F Lopez, J Textoris, A Bergon, G Didier, E Remy, S Granjeaud, J Imbert, ...
PLoS One 3 (12), e4001, 2008
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