Do Minh Hoat
Do Minh Hoat
Duy Tan University
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Electronic and magnetic properties of single-layer boron phosphide associated with materials processing defects
MM Obeid, HR Jappor, K Al-Marzoki, DM Hoat, TV Vu, SJ Edrees, ...
Computational Materials Science 170, 109201, 2019
Tuning the electronic structure of 2D materials by strain and external electric field: case of GeI2 monolayer
DM Hoat, TV Vu, MM Obeid, HR Jappor
Chemical Physics 527, 110499, 2019
Strain-tunable electronic and optical properties of monolayer GeSe: promising for photocatalytic water splitting applications
HTT Nguyen, TV Vu, NTT Binh, DM Hoat, NV Hieu, NTT Anh, CV Nguyen, ...
Chemical Physics 529, 110543, 2020
First-principles investigation of nonmetal doped single-layer BiOBr as a potential photocatalyst with a low recombination rate
MM Obeid, C Stampfl, A Bafekry, Z Guan, HR Jappor, CV Nguyen, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (27), 15354-15364, 2020
Assessing optoelectronic properties of PbI2 monolayer under uniaxial strain from first principles calculations
DM Hoat, TV Vu, MM Obeid, HR Jappor
Superlattices and Microstructures 130, 354-360, 2019
Electronic and optical properties of Janus ZrSSe by density functional theory
TV Vu, HD Tong, DP Tran, NTT Binh, CV Nguyen, HV Phuc, HM Do, ...
RSC Advances 9 (70), 41058-41065, 2019
MoSi2N4 single-layer: a novel two-dimensional material with outstanding mechanical, thermal, electronic and optical properties
A Bafekry, M Faraji, DM Hoat, M Shahrokhi, MM Fadlallah, F Shojaei, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 54 (15), 155303, 2021
Electronic structure and thermoelectric properties of Ta-based half-Heusler compounds with 18 valence electrons
DM Hoat
Computational Materials Science 159, 470-477, 2019
Investigation on new equiatomic quaternary Heusler compound CoCrIrSi via FP-LAPW calculations
DM Hoat
Chemical Physics 523, 130-137, 2019
Investigation on the structural, elastic, electronic, and magnetic properties of half-metallic Co 2 MnSi and …
DM Hoat, JF Rivas-Silva, AM Blas
Journal of Computational Electronics 17 (4), 1470-1477, 2018
First principles study of structural, electronic and optical properties of perovskites CaZrO3 and CaHfO3 in cubic phase
DM Hoat, JFR Silva, AM Blas
Solid State Communications 275, 29-34, 2018
Reducing the electronic band gap of BN monolayer by coexistence of P (As)-doping and external electric field
DM Hoat, M Naseri, R Ponce-Pérez, NN Hieu, TV Vu, JF Rivas-Silva, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 137, 106357, 2020
The mechanical, electronic, optical and thermoelectric properties of two-dimensional honeycomb-like of XSb (X= Si, Ge, Sn) monolayers: a first-principles calculations
A Bafekry, F Shojai, DM Hoat, M Shahrokhi, M Ghergherehchi, C Nguyen
RSC Advances 10 (51), 30398-30405, 2020
Structural, optoelectronic and thermoelectric properties of antiperovskite compounds Ae3PbS (Ae= Ca, Sr and Ba): a first principles study
DM Hoat
Physics Letters A 383 (14), 1648-1654, 2019
Examining the half-metallicity and thermoelectric properties of new equiatomic quaternary Heusler compound CoVRhGe under pressure
DM Hoat, M Naseri
Physica B: Condensed Matter 583, 412058, 2020
Electronic and thermoelectric properties of RbYSn half-Heusler compound with 8 valence electrons: Spin-orbit coupling effect
DM Hoat, M Naseri
Chemical Physics 528, 110510, 2020
Mn2CoX (X= P and As) full-Heusler compounds for spintronic applications: Half-metallicity and elastic properties
DM Hoat, NH Giang, M Naseri, R Ponce-Pérez, JF Rivas-Silva, ...
Physics Letters A 384 (24), 126589, 2020
The characteristics of defective ZrS2 monolayers adsorbed various gases on S-vacancies: A first-principles study
HTT Nguyen, DQ Hoang, TP Dao, CV Nguyen, HV Phuc, NN Hieu, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 140, 106454, 2020
Theoretical prediction of 2D XI2 (X= Si, Ge, Sn, Pb) monolayers by density functional theory
M Naseri, DM Hoat, K Salehi, S Amirian
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 95, 107501, 2020
Transition from indirect to direct band gap in SiC monolayer by chemical functionalization: A first principles study
DM Hoat, M Naseri, NN Hieu, R Ponce-Pérez, JF Rivas-Silva, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 137, 106320, 2020
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