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Common variants near MC4R are associated with fat mass, weight and risk of obesity
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Polyploidy can drive rapid adaptation in yeast
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A HaemAtlas: characterizing gene expression in differentiated human blood cells
NA Watkins, A Gusnanto, B De Bono, S De, D Miranda-Saavedra, ...
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DNA secondary structures and epigenetic determinants of cancer genome evolution
S De, F Michor
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DNA replication timing and long-range DNA interactions predict mutational landscapes of cancer genomes
S De, F Michor
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Dopamine mediates context-dependent modulation of sensory plasticity in C. elegans
KS Kindt, KB Quast, AC Giles, S De, D Hendrey, I Nicastro, CH Rankin, ...
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Somatic mosaicism in healthy human tissues
S De
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Evolution of the cancer genome
O Podlaha, M Riester, S De, F Michor
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Evolutionary pathways in BRCA1-associated breast tumors
FC Martins, S De, V Almendro, M Gönen, SY Park, JL Blum, W Herlihy, ...
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Cellular crowding imposes global constraints on the chemistry and evolution of proteomes
ED Levy, S De, SA Teichmann
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DNA replication timing and higher-order nuclear organization determine single-nucleotide substitution patterns in cancer genomes
L Liu, S De, F Michor
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Aberration in DNA methylation in B-cell lymphomas has a complex origin and increases with disease severity
S De, R Shaknovich, M Riester, O Elemento, H Geng, M Kormaksson, ...
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DNA methyltransferase 1 and DNA methylation patterning contribute to germinal center B-cell differentiation
R Shaknovich, L Cerchietti, L Tsikitas, M Kormaksson, S De, ME Figueroa, ...
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Interaction preferences across protein-protein interfaces of obligatory and non-obligatory components are different
S De, O Krishnadev, N Srinivasan, N Rekha
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Whole genome sequencing highlights genetic changes associated with laboratory domestication of C. elegans
KP Weber, S De, I Kozarewa, DJ Turner, MM Babu, M de Bono
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Variability in DNA methylation defines novel epigenetic subgroups of DLBCL associated with different clinical outcomes
N Chambwe, M Kormaksson, H Geng, S De, F Michor, NA Johnson, ...
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MicroRNAs down-regulate homologous recombination in the G1 phase of cycling cells to maintain genomic stability
YE Choi, Y Pan, E Park, P Konstantinopoulos, S De, A D'Andrea, ...
Elife 3, e02445, 2014
The impact of genomic neighborhood on the evolution of human and chimpanzee transcriptome
S De, SA Teichmann, MM Babu
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Functional protein divergence in the evolution of Homo sapiens
N Lopez-Bigas, S De, SA Teichmann
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The ADP-ribosyltransferase PARP10/ARTD10 interacts with proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) and is required for DNA damage tolerance
CM Nicolae, ER Aho, AHS Vlahos, KN Choe, S De, GI Karras, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (19), 13627-13637, 2014
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