Klavdiya Bochenina
Klavdiya Bochenina
ITMO University, Department of High Performance Computing
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Design virtual learning labs for courses in computational science with use of cloud computing technologies
A Dukhanov, M Karpova, K Bochenina
Procedia Computer Science 29, 2472-2482, 2014
Static scheduling of multiple workflows with soft deadlines in non-dedicated heterogeneous environments
K Bochenina, N Butakov, A Boukhanovsky
Future Generation Computer Systems 55, 51-61, 2016
A Comparative Study of Scheduling Algorithms for the Multiple Deadline-constrained Workflows in Heterogeneous Computing Systems with Time Windows.
K Bochenina
ICCS, 509-522, 2014
A clustering-based approach to static scheduling of multiple workflows with soft deadlines in heterogeneous distributed systems
K Bochenina, N Butakov, A Dukhanov, D Nasonov
Procedia Computer Science 51, 2827-2831, 2015
Analysis of publication activity of computational science society in 2001–2017 using topic modelling and graph theory
TM Abuhay, SV Kovalchuk, K Bochenina, GK Mbogo, AA Visheratin, ...
Journal of computational science 26, 193-204, 2018
A conceptual approach to complex model management with generalized modelling patterns and evolutionary identification
SV Kovalchuk, OG Metsker, AA Funkner, IO Kisliakovskii, NO Nikitin, ...
Complexity 2018, 2018
Scalable parallel simulation of dynamical processes on large stochastic Kronecker graphs
K Bochenina, S Kesarev, A Boukhanovsky
Future Generation Computer Systems 78, 502-515, 2018
An approach to a rapid development of the problem-oriented educational services based on the results of scientific researches
K Bochenina, A Dukhanov
WIT Trans. Eng. Sci 93, 877-884, 2014
Supercomputer simulation of critical phenomena in complex social systems
PA Sloot, J Holyst, G Kampis, MH Lees, SA Mityagin, SV Ivanov, ...
Nauchno-Tekhnicheskii Vestnik Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii, Mekhaniki i …, 2016
Dutch-Russian double degree master's program curricula in computational science and high performance computing
A Bilyatdinova, A Dukhanov, K Bochenina, AV Boukhanovsky, ...
2014 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) Proceedings, 1-8, 2014
Optimizing spatial accessibility of company branches network with constraints
O Zaikin, I Derevitskii, K Bochenina, J Holyst
International Conference on Computational Science, 332-345, 2019
Forecasting purchase categories with transition graphs using financial and social data
D Vaganov, A Funkner, S Kovalchuk, V Guleva, K Bochenina
International Conference on Social Informatics, 439-454, 2018
Parallel data-driven modeling of information spread in social networks
O Severiukhina, K Bochenina, S Kesarev, A Boukhanovsky
International Conference on Computational Science, 247-259, 2018
Analysis of computational science papers from ICCS 2001-2016 using topic modeling and graph theory
TM Abuhay, SV Kovalchuk, KO Bochenina, G Kampis, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.02203, 2017
An approach to hybrid learning resource design for training professionals in computational science
K Bochenina, A Dukhanov, M Karpova, V Shmelev
Procedia Computer Science 101, 439-448, 2016
Parallel simulation of community-wide information spreading in online social networks
S Kesarev, O Severiukhina, K Bochenina
Russian Supercomputing Days, 136-148, 2018
A simulation tool for exploring the evolution of temporal interbank networks
VY Guleva, KO Bochenina, MV Skvorcova, AV Boukhanovsky
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 20 (4), 2017
Towards identifying of effective personalized antihypertensive treatment rules from electronic health records data using classification methods: initial model
A Semakova, N Zvartau, K Bochenina, A Konradi
Procedia Computer Science 121, 852-858, 2017
Modeling knowledge transfer and the transdisciplinary effect on project-based learning activities
N Kogtikov, A Dukhanov, K Bochenina
Procedia Computer Science 80, 1989-1999, 2016
Parallel simulation of adaptive random Boolean networks
K Kuvshinov, K Bochenina, PJ Górski, JA Hołyst
Procedia Computer Science 101, 35-44, 2016
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