Mischa Dohler
Mischa Dohler
Professor of Wireless Communications, King's College London
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Relay-based deployment concepts for wireless and mobile broadband radio
R Pabst, BH Walke, DC Schultz, P Herhold, H Yanikomeroglu, ...
IEEE Communications magazine 42 (9), 80-89, 2004
Femtocells: Past, present, and future
JG Andrews, H Claussen, M Dohler, S Rangan, MC Reed
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Internet of things in the 5G era: Enablers, architecture, and business models
MR Palattella, M Dohler, A Grieco, G Rizzo, J Torsner, T Engel, L Ladid
IEEE journal on selected areas in communications 34 (3), 510-527, 2016
Standardized protocol stack for the internet of (important) things
MR Palattella, N Accettura, X Vilajosana, T Watteyne, LA Grieco, ...
IEEE communications surveys & tutorials 15 (3), 1389-1406, 2012
5G-enabled tactile internet
M Simsek, A Aijaz, M Dohler, J Sachs, G Fettweis
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 34 (3), 460-473, 2016
MAC essentials for wireless sensor networks
A Bachir, M Dohler, T Watteyne, KK Leung
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 12 (2), 222-248, 2010
Virtual antenna arrays
M Dohler
University of London, 2004
Ultra-Wideband Antennas and Propagation: For Communications, Radar and Imaging
B Allen, M Dohler, E Okon, W Malik, A Brown, D Edwards
John Wiley & Sons, 2006
Cooperative communications: hardware, channel and PHY
M Dohler, Y Li
John Wiley & Sons, 2010
Radio resource allocation in LTE-advanced cellular networks with M2M communications
K Zheng, F Hu, W Wang, W Xiang, M Dohler
IEEE communications Magazine 50 (7), 184-192, 2012
Routing requirements for urban low-power and lossy networks
M Dohler, T Watteyne, T Winter, D Barthel
RFC 5548, 2009
Realizing the tactile Internet: Haptic communications over next generation 5G cellular networks
A Aijaz, M Dohler, AH Aghvami, V Friderikos, M Frodigh
IEEE Wireless Communications 24 (2), 82-89, 2016
Massive non-orthogonal multiple access for cellular IoT: Potentials and limitations
M Shirvanimoghaddam, M Dohler, SJ Johnson
IEEE Communications Magazine 55 (9), 55-61, 2017
MIMO systems with adaptive modulation
Z Zhou, B Vucetic, M Dohler, Y Li
IEEE transactions on Vehicular Technology 54 (5), 1828-1842, 2005
Understanding the IoT connectivity landscape: a contemporary M2M radio technology roadmap
S Andreev, O Galinina, A Pyattaev, M Gerasimenko, T Tirronen, J Torsner, ...
IEEE Communications Magazine 53 (9), 32-40, 2015
A learning theoretic approach to energy harvesting communication system optimization
P Blasco, D Gunduz, M Dohler
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 12 (4), 1872-1882, 2013
Is the PHY layer dead?
M Dohler, RW Heath, A Lozano, CB Papadias, RA Valenzuela
IEEE Communications Magazine 49 (4), 159-165, 2011
On optimal scheduling in duty-cycled industrial IoT applications using IEEE802. 15.4 e TSCH
MR Palattella, N Accettura, LA Grieco, G Boggia, M Dohler, T Engel
IEEE Sensors Journal 13 (10), 3655-3666, 2013
Distributed turbo coding with soft information relaying in multihop relay networks
Y Li, B Vucetic, TF Wong, M Dohler
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Distributed adaptive power allocation for wireless relay networks
Y Li, B Vucetic, Z Zhou, M Dohler
IEEE transactions on wireless communications 6 (3), 948-958, 2007
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