Francesca Fulceri
Francesca Fulceri
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Gut to brain interaction in Autism Spectrum Disorders: a randomized controlled trial on the role of probiotics on clinical, biochemical and neurophysiological parameters
E Santocchi, L Guiducci, F Fulceri, L Billeci, E Buzzigoli, F Apicella, ...
BMC psychiatry 16 (1), 1-16, 2016
Gastrointestinal symptoms and behavioral problems in preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
F Fulceri, M Morelli, E Santocchi, H Cena, T Del Bianco, A Narzisi, ...
Digestive and Liver Disease 48 (3), 248-254, 2016
Disentangling the initiation from the response in joint attention: an eye-tracking study in toddlers with autism spectrum disorders
L Billeci, A Narzisi, G Campatelli, G Crifaci, S Calderoni, A Gagliano, ...
Translational psychiatry 6 (5), e808, 2016
Motor skills as moderators of core symptoms in Autism Spectrum Disorders: preliminary data from an exploratory analysis with Artificial Neural Networks
F Fulceri, E Grossi, A Contaldo, A Narzisi, F Apicella, I Parrini, R Tancredi, ...
Frontiers in psychology 9, 2683, 2019
Behavioral Phenotype of ASD Preschoolers with Gastrointestinal Symptoms or Food Selectivity
M Prosperi, E Santocchi, G Balboni, A Narzisi, M Bozza, F Fulceri, ...
Journal of autism and developmental disorders 47 (11), 3574-3588, 2017
Application of the Repetitive Behavior Scale-Revised–Italian version–in preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder
F Fulceri, A Narzisi, F Apicella, G Balboni, S Baldini, J Brocchini, ...
Research in developmental disabilities 48, 43-52, 2016
An integrated EEG and eye-tracking approach for the study of responding and initiating joint attention in Autism Spectrum Disorders
L Billeci, A Narzisi, A Tonacci, B Sbriscia-Fioretti, L Serasini, F Fulceri, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-13, 2017
Heart rate variability during a joint attention task in toddlers with autism spectrum disorders
L Billeci, A Tonacci, A Narzisi, Z Manigrasso, M Varanini, F Fulceri, ...
Frontiers in physiology 9, 467, 2018
Early motor signs of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review
A Athanasiadou, JK Buitelaar, P Brovedani, O Chorna, F Fulceri, ...
European child & adolescent psychiatry 29 (7), 903-916, 2020
Serological screening for Celiac Disease in 382 pre-schoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
S Calderoni, E Santocchi, T Del Bianco, E Brunori, L Caponi, A Paolicchi, ...
Italian journal of pediatrics 42 (1), 1-6, 2016
Early behavioral markers for neurodevelopmental disorders in the first 3 years of life: An overview of systematic reviews
M Micai, F Fulceri, A Caruso, A Guzzetta, L Gila, ML Scattoni
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 2020
Interpersonal motor coordination during joint actions in children with and without autism spectrum disorder: The role of motor information
F Fulceri, A Tonacci, A Lucaferro, F Apicella, A Narzisi, G Vincenti, ...
Research in Developmental Disabilities 80, 13-23, 2018
Impact of antipsychotics in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis
GL D’Alò, F De Crescenzo, L Amato, F Cruciani, M Davoli, F Fulceri, ...
Health and quality of life outcomes 19 (1), 1-19, 2021
Movidea: A Software Package for Automatic Video Analysis of Movements in Infants at Risk for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
W Baccinelli, M Bulgheroni, V Simonetti, F Fulceri, A Caruso, L Gila, ...
Brain sciences 10 (4), 203, 2020
Motor coordination impairment in children with autism spectrum disorder: a pilot study using Movement Assessment Battery for Children-2 Checklist.
G Purpura, F Fulceri, V Puglisi, P Masoni, A Contaldo
Minerva pediatrica 72 (1), 22-29, 2016
Real-World Experiences in Autistic Adult Diagnostic Services and Post-diagnostic Support and Alignment with Services Guidelines: Results from the ASDEU Study
ML Scattoni, M Micai, A Ciaramella, T Salvitti, F Fulceri, LM Fatta, ...
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 1-18, 2021
Early Motor Development Predicts Clinical Outcomes of Siblings at High-Risk for Autism: Insight from an Innovative Motion-Tracking Technology
A Caruso, L Gila, F Fulceri, T Salvitti, M Micai, W Baccinelli, M Bulgheroni, ...
Brain sciences 10 (6), 379, 2020
Impact of polyunsaturated fatty acids on patient-important outcomes in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review
F De Crescenzo, GL D’Alò, GP Morgano, S Minozzi, Z Mitrova, R Saulle, ...
Health and quality of life outcomes 18 (1), 1-12, 2020
Introduction and methods of the evidence-based guidelines for the diagnosis and management of autism Spectrum disorder by the Italian National Institute of health
GP Morgano, F Fulceri, F Nardocci, C Barbui, G Ostuzzi, D Papola, ...
Health and quality of life outcomes 18 (1), 1-12, 2020
F Fulceri, A Contaldo, I Parrini, C Sara, A Narzisi, R Tancredi, F Apicella, ...
Clinical Neuropsychiatry, 2015
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