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Plasma texturing for silicon solar cells: From pyramids to inverted pyramids-like structures
M Moreno, D Daineka, PR i Cabarrocas
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 94 (5), 733-737, 2010
Polymeric nanocomposites membranes with high permittivity based on PVA-ZnO nanoparticles for potential applications in flexible electronics
R Ambrosio, A Carrillo, ML Mota, K De la Torre, R Torrealba, M Moreno, ...
Polymers 10 (12), 1370, 2018
Fabrication and performance comparison of planar and sandwich structures of micro-bolometers with Ge thermo-sensing layer
M Moreno, A Kosarev, A Torres, R Ambrosio
Thin solid films 515 (19), 7607-7610, 2007
A comparative study of wet and dry texturing processes of c-Si wafers for the fabrication of solar cells
M Moreno, D Murias, J Martínez, C Reyes-Betanzo, A Torres, R Ambrosio, ...
Solar Energy 101, 182-191, 2014
Black silicon formation using dry etching for solar cells applications
D Murias, C Reyes-Betanzo, M Moreno, A Torres, A Itzmoyotl, R Ambrosio, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 177 (16), 1509-1513, 2012
An overview of uncooled infrared sensors technology based on amorphous silicon and silicon germanium alloys
R Ambrosio, M Moreno, J Mireles Jr, A Torres, A Kosarev, A Heredia
physica status solidi c 7 (3‐4), 1180-1183, 2010
Ultra-thin crystalline silicon films produced by plasma assisted epitaxial growth on silicon wafers and their transfer to foreign substrates
M Moreno, PR i Cabarrocas
EPJ Photovoltaics 1, 10301, 2010
Dry fabrication process for heterojunction solar cells through in-situ plasma cleaning and passivation
M Moreno, M Labrune, PR i Cabarrocas
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 94 (3), 402-405, 2010
Ultra-shallow junctions formed by quasi-epitaxial growth of boron and phosphorous-doped silicon films at 175 C by rf-PECVD
M Labrune, M Moreno, PR i Cabarrocas
Thin solid films 518 (9), 2528-2530, 2010
Study of the effects of different fractions of large grains of μc-Si: H: F films on the infrared absorption on thin film solar cells
M Moreno, R Boubekri, PR i Cabarrocas
Solar energy materials and solar cells 100, 16-20, 2012
Thermo-sensing silicon–germanium–boron films prepared by plasma for un-cooled micro-bolometers
A Torres, M Moreno, A Kosarev, A Heredia
Journal of non-crystalline solids 354 (19-25), 2556-2560, 2008
Study of piezoelectric energy harvesting system based on PZT
R Ambrosio, A Jimenez, J Mireles, M Moreno, K Monfil, H Heredia
Integrated Ferroelectrics 126 (1), 77-86, 2011
Deposition and characterization of amorphous silicon with embedded nanocrystals and microcrystalline silicon for thin film solar cells
R Ambrosio, M Moreno, A Torres, A Carrillo, I Vivaldo, I Cosme, A Heredia
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 643, S27-S32, 2015
Low temperature plasma synthesis of nanocrystals and their application to the growth of crystalline silicon and germanium thin films
PR i Cabarrocas, KH Kim, R Cariou, M Labrune, EV Johnson, M Moreno, ...
MRS Online Proceedings Library (OPL) 1426, 319-329, 2012
SixGey: H-based micro-bolometers studied in the terahertz frequency range
A Kosarev, S Rumyantsev, M Moreno, A Torres, S Boubanga, W Knap
Solid-state electronics 54 (4), 417-419, 2010
Comparison of three un-cooled micro-bolometers configurations based on amorphous silicon–germanium thin films deposited by plasma
M Moreno, A Kosarev, A Torres, R Ambrosio
Journal of non-crystalline solids 354 (19-25), 2598-2602, 2008
Fine-tuning of the interface in high-quality epitaxial silicon films deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition at 200° C
M Moreno, G Patriarche, PR i Cabarrocas
Journal of materials research 28 (13), 1626-1632, 2013
A comparative study of amorphous silicon carbide and silicon rich oxide for light emission applications
I Vivaldo, M Moreno, A Torres, R Ambrosio, P Rosales, N Carlos, ...
Journal of Luminescence 190, 215-220, 2017
Microbolometers based on amorphous silicon–germanium films with embedded nanocrystals
M Moreno, R Jiménez, A Torres, R Ambrosio
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 62 (7), 2120-2127, 2015
Study of dilution of Spin-On Glass by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
M Dominguez, P Rosales, A Torres, M Moreno, A Orduña
Thin solid films 520 (15), 5018-5020, 2012
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