Kehang Cui
Kehang Cui
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
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Direct and Dry Deposited Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films Doped with MoO x as Electron-Blocking Transparent Electrodes for Flexible Organic Solar Cells
I Jeon, K Cui, T Chiba, A Anisimov, AG Nasibulin, EI Kauppinen, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (25), 7982–7985, 2015
A quantitative framework for evaluating unconventional well development
Z Rui, K Cui, X Wang, J Lu, G Chen, K Ling, S Patil
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 166, 900-905, 2018
Self-assembled microhoneycomb network of single-walled carbon nanotubes for solar cells
K Cui, T Chiba, S Omiya, T Thurakitseree, P Zhao, S Fujii, H Kataura, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4 (15), 2571-2576, 2013
A Comprehensive Investigation on Performance of Oil and Gas Development in Nigeria: Technical and Non-Technical Analyses
Z Rui, K Cui, X Wang, J Chun, Y Li, Z Zhang, J Lu, G Chen, X Zhou, S Patil
Energy 158, 666-680, 2018
Air-Stable High-Efficiency Solar Cells with Dry-Transferred Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films
K Cui, AS Anisimov, T Chiba, S Fujii, H Kataura, A Nasibulin, S Chiashi, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (29), 11311 - 11318, 2014
Breakdown of native oxide enables multifunctional, free-form carbon nanotube–metal hierarchical architectures
K Cui, BL Wardle
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (38), 35212-35220, 2019
Synthesis of subnanometer-diameter vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes with copper-anchored cobalt catalysts
K Cui, A Kumamoto, R Xiang, H An, B Wang, T Inoue, S Chiashi, ...
Nanoscale 8 (3), 1608-1617, 2016
Tungsten–Carbon Nanotube Composite Photonic Crystals as Thermally Stable Spectral‐Selective Absorbers and Emitters for Thermophotovoltaics
K Cui, P Lemaire, H Zhao, T Savas, G Parsons, AJ Hart
Advanced Energy Materials 8, 1801471, 2018
Scalable and Solid‐State Redox Functionalization of Transparent Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotube Films for Highly Efficient and Stable Solar Cells
K Cui, Y Qian, I Jeon, A Anisimov, Y Matsuo, EI Kauppinen, S Maruyama
Advanced Energy Materials 7, 1700449, 2017
Development of sintered Ni-Cu wicks for loop heat pipes
GM Xin, KH Cui, Y Zou, L Cheng
Science in China Series E: Technological Sciences 52, 1607-1612, 2009
Multifunctional graphene and carbon nanotube films for planar heterojunction solar cells
K Cui, S Maruyama
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 70, 1-21, 2019
Carbon-assisted catalyst pretreatment enables straightforward synthesis of high-density carbon nanotube forests
NT Dee, J Li, AO White, C Jacob, W Shi, PR Kidambi, K Cui, DN Zakharov, ...
Carbon 153, 196-205, 2019
Process-morphology scaling relations quantify self-organization in capillary densified nanofiber arrays
AL Kaiser, IY Stein, K Cui, BL Wardle
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (6), 3876-3881, 2018
Low‐temperature growth of carbon nanotubes catalyzed by sodium‐based ingredients
R Li, EF Antunes, E Kalfon‐Cohen, A Kudo, L Acauan, WCD Yang, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (27), 9204-9209, 2019
Reduction of effective thermal conductivity for sintered LHP wicks
G Xin, K Cui, Y Zou, L Cheng
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 53 (13-14), 2932-2934, 2010
Supercooled sugar alcohols stabilized by alkali hydroxides for long-term room-temperature phase change solar-thermal energy storage
X Li, J Zhang, Y Liu, Y Xu, K Cui, Z Yao, B Fu, C Song, W Shang, P Tao, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 452, 139328, 2023
High-density carbon nanotube forest growth on copper foil for enhanced thermal and electrochemical interfaces
BR Lettiere, CAC Chazot, K Cui, AJ Hart
ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 (1), 77-83, 2019
Tailoring the surface morphology of carbon nanotube forests by plasma etching: A parametric study
S Seo, S Kim, S Yamamoto, K Cui, T Kodama, J Shiomi, T Inoue, ...
Carbon 180, 204-214, 2021
Load dependent frictional response of vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotube films
AS Westover, J Choi, K Cui, T Ishikawa, T Inoue, R Xiang, S Chiashi, ...
Scripta Materialia 125, 63-67, 2016
Carbon Nanotube-Silicon Solar Cells: Improving performance for next-generation energy systems.
K Cui, S Maruyama
IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine 10 (1), 34-41, 2016
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