Manabu Sakamoto
Manabu Sakamoto
Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln
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Dinosaurs and the Cretaceous terrestrial revolution
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The Cranial Osteology and Feeding Ecology of the Metriorhynchid Crocodylomorph Genera Dakosaurus and Plesiosuchus from the Late Jurassic of Europe
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Alteration of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase cascade in the multilobulated nuclear formation of adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma (ATLL)
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The first half of tetrapod evolution, sampling proxies, and fossil record quality
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The oldest known metriorhynchid super-predator: a new genus and species from the Middle Jurassic of England, with implications for serration and mandibular evolution in …
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M Sakamoto
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Convergence and divergence in the evolution of cat skulls: temporal and spatial patterns of morphological diversity
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Phylogenetically structured variance in felid bite force: the role of phylogeny in the evolution of biting performance
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‘Residual diversity estimates’ do not correct for sampling bias in palaeodiversity data
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Transitions between foot postures are associated with elevated rates of body size evolution in mammals
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Extreme and rapid bursts of functional adaptations shape bite force in amniotes
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Phylogenetic non-independence in rates of trait evolution
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Phylogenetic eigenvectors and nonstationarity in the evolution of theropod dinosaur skulls
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Phylogenetic eigenvector regression in paleobiology.
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Estimating bite force in extinct dinosaurs using phylogenetically predicted physiological cross-sectional areas of jaw adductor muscles
M Sakamoto
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Strong support for a heterogeneous speciation decline model in Dinosauria: a response to claims made by Bonsor et al. (2020)
M Sakamoto, MJ Benton, C Venditti
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Multidisciplinary investigation of a ‘British big cat’: a lynx killed in southern England c. 1903
M Blake, D Naish, G Larson, CL King, G Nowell, M Sakamoto, R Barnett
Historical Biology 26 (4), 441-448, 2014
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