Keefe Manning
Keefe Manning
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Penn State University
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Assessment of CFD performance in simulations of an idealized medical device: results of FDA’s first computational interlaboratory study
SFC Stewart, EG Paterson, GW Burgreen, P Hariharan, M Giarra, ...
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Tri-layered elastomeric scaffolds for engineering heart valve leaflets
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FDA benchmark medical device flow models for CFD validation
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Multilaboratory particle image velocimetry analysis of the FDA benchmark nozzle model to support validation of computational fluid dynamics simulations
P Hariharan, M Giarra, V Reddy, SW Day, KB Manning, S Deutsch, ...
Experimental fluid mechanics of pulsatile artificial blood pumps
S Deutsch, JM Tarbell, KB Manning, G Rosenberg, AA Fontaine
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Towards non-thrombogenic performance of blood recirculating devices
D Bluestein, KB Chandran, KB Manning
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Electrospun PGS: PCL microfibers align human valvular interstitial cells and provide tunable scaffold anisotropy
N Masoumi, BL Larson, N Annabi, M Kharaziha, B Zamanian, KS Shapero, ...
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Viscoelasticity of pediatric blood and its implications for the testing of a pulsatile pediatric blood pump
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Wall shear-rate estimation within the 50cc Penn State artificial heart using particle image velocimetry
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Correlation of in vivo clot deposition with the flow characteristics in the 50 cc Penn State artificial heart: a preliminary study
P Hochareon, KB Manning, AA Fontaine, JM Tarbell, S Deutsch
Asaio Journal 50 (6), 537-542, 2004
Regurgitant flow field characteristics of the St. Jude bileaflet mechanical heart valve under physiologic pulsatile flow using particle image velocimetry
KB Manning, V Kini, AA Fontaine, S Deutsch, JM Tarbell
Artificial organs 27 (9), 840-846, 2003
Development of a computational model for macroscopic predictions of device-induced thrombosis
JO Taylor, RS Meyer, S Deutsch, KB Manning
Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology 15, 1713-1731, 2016
Results of FDA’s first interlaboratory computational study of a nozzle with a sudden contraction and conical diffuser
SFC Stewart, P Hariharan, EG Paterson, GW Burgreen, V Reddy, SW Day, ...
Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology 4, 374-391, 2013
Hemodynamics in a pediatric ascending aorta using a viscoelastic pediatric blood model
BC Good, S Deutsch, KB Manning
Annals of biomedical engineering 44, 1019-1035, 2016
Development and validation of a computational fluid dynamics methodology for simulation of pulsatile left ventricular assist devices
RB Medvitz, JW Kreider, KB Manning, AA Fontaine, S Deutsch, ...
ASAIO journal 53 (2), 122-131, 2007
Science for surgeons: understanding pump thrombogenesis in continuous-flow left ventricular assist devices
AR De Biasi, KB Manning, A Salemi
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 149 (3), 667-673, 2015
In vitro quantification of time dependent thrombus size using magnetic resonance imaging and computational simulations of thrombus surface shear stresses
JO Taylor, KP Witmer, T Neuberger, BA Craven, RS Meyer, S Deutsch, ...
Journal of biomechanical engineering 136 (7), 071012, 2014
Validation of a CFD methodology for positive displacement LVAD analysis using PIV data
RB Medvitz, V Reddy, S Deutsch, KB Manning, EG Paterson
A computational method for predicting inferior vena cava filter performance on a patient-specific basis
KI Aycock, RL Campbell, KB Manning, SP Sastry, SM Shontz, FC Lynch, ...
Journal of biomechanical engineering 136 (8), 081003, 2014
The Penn State Pulsatile Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device: Fluid Dynamics Associated With Valve Selection
BT Cooper, BN Roszelle, TC Long, S Deutsch, KB Manning
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