David Mason
David Mason
Senior Research Fellow, Geography and Environmental Science, Univerity of Reading
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Benchmarking 2D hydraulic models for urban flooding
NM Hunter, PD Bates, S Neelz, G Pender, I Villanueva, NG Wright, ...
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Flood boundary delineation from synthetic aperture radar imagery using a statistical active contour model
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Flood detection in urban areas using TerraSAR-X.
PD Mason, D.C., Speck, R., Devereux, B., Schumann, G., Neal, J., Bates
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Minimum utility usage in heat exchanger network synthesis A transportation problem
J Cerda, AW Westerberg, D Mason, B Linnhoff
Chemical Engineering Science 38 (3), 373-387, 1983
Floodplain friction parameterization in two‐dimensional river flood models using vegetation heights derived from airborne scanning laser altimetry
DC Mason, DM Cobby, MS Horritt, PD Bates
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Clinical and mucosal improvement with specific carbohydrate diet in pediatric Crohn disease
SA Cohen, BD Gold, S Oliva, J Lewis, A Stallworth, B Koch, L Eshee, ...
Journal of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition 59 (4), 516-521, 2014
Modelling relationships between birds and vegetation structure using airborne LiDAR data: a review with case studies from agricultural and woodland environments
RB Bradbury, RA Hill, DC Mason, SA Hinsley, JD Wilson, H Balzter, ...
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Near real-time flood detection in urban and rural areas using high-resolution synthetic aperture radar images
DC Mason, IJ Davenport, JC Neal, GJP Schumann, PD Bates
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Integrating remote sensing observations of flood hydrology and hydraulic modelling
PD Bates, MS Horritt, CN Smith, D Mason
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Accurate and efficient determination of the shoreline in ERS-1 SAR images
DC Mason, IJ Davenport
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 34 (5), 1243-1253, 1996
Reach scale floodplain inundation dynamics observed using airborne synthetic aperture radar imagery: Data analysis and modelling
PD Bates, MD Wilson, MS Horritt, DC Mason, N Holden, A Currie
Journal of Hydrology 328 (1-2), 306-318, 2006
Hybridization Between Brassica napus and B. rapa on a National Scale in the United Kingdom
MJ Wilkinson, LJ Elliott, J Allainguillaume, MW Shaw, C Norris, R Welters, ...
Science 302 (5644), 457-459, 2003
Detection of flooded urban areas in high resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar images using double scattering
DC Mason, L Giustarini, J Garcia-Pintado, HL Cloke
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 28 …, 2014
Two‐dimensional hydraulic flood modelling using a finite‐element mesh decomposed according to vegetation and topographic features derived from airborne scanning laser altimetry
DM Cobby, DC Mason, MS Horritt, PD Bates
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Waterline mapping in flooded vegetation from airborne SAR imagery
MS Horritt, DC Mason, DM Cobby, IJ Davenport, PD Bates
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A direct regional scale estimate of transgene movement from genetically modified oilseed rape to its wild progenitors
MJ Wilkinson, IJ Davenport, YM Charters, AE Jones, J Allainguillaume, ...
Molecular Ecology 9 (7), 983-991, 2000
Construction of an inter‐tidal digital elevation model by the ‘Water‐Line’Method
DC Mason, IJ Davenport, GJ Robinson, RA Flather, BS McCartney
Geophysical Research Letters 22 (23), 3187-3190, 1995
The accuracy of sequential aerial photography and SAR data for observing urban flood dynamics, a case study of the UK summer 2007 floods
GJP Schumann, JC Neal, DC Mason, PD Bates
Remote Sensing of Environment 115 (10), 2536-2546, 2011
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