Rodrigo Temp Müller
Rodrigo Temp Müller
Centro de Apoio à Pesquisa Paleontológica da Quarta Colônia/UFSM
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A unique Late Triassic dinosauromorph assemblage reveals dinosaur ancestral anatomy and diet
SF Cabreira, AWA Kellner, S Dias-da-Silva, LR da Silva, M Bronzati, ...
Current Biology 26 (22), 3090-3095, 2016
Triassic faunal successions of the Paraná Basin, southern Brazil
CL Schultz, AG Martinelli, MB Soares, FL Pinheiro, L Kerber, BLD Horn, ...
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Early evolution of sauropodomorphs: anatomy and phylogenetic relationships of a remarkably well-preserved dinosaur from the Upper Triassic of southern Brazil
RT Müller, MC Langer, M Bronzati, CP Pacheco, SF Cabreira, ...
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 184 (4), 1187-1248, 2018
Gnathovorax cabreirai: a new early dinosaur and the origin and initial radiation of predatory dinosaurs
C Pacheco, RT Müller, M Langer, FA Pretto, L Kerber, SD da Silva
PeerJ 7, e7963, 2019
An exceptionally preserved association of complete dinosaur skeletons reveals the oldest long-necked sauropodomorphs
RT Müller, MC Langer, S Dias-da-Silva
Biology letters 14 (11), 20180633, 2018
A paraphyletic ‘Silesauridae'as an alternative hypothesis for the initial radiation of ornithischian dinosaurs
RT Müller, MS Garcia
Biology letters 16 (8), 20200417, 2020
Review of the fossil record of early dinosaurs from South America, and its phylogenetic implications
FE Novas, FL Agnolin, MD Ezcurra, RT Müller, AG Martinelli, MC Langer
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 110, 103341, 2021
A new aetosaur from the Upper Triassic of the Santa Maria Formation, southern Brazil
LR Da Silva, JB Desojo, SF Cabreira, ASS Aires, RT Müller, CP Pacheco, ...
Magnolia Press, 2014
New postcranial elements of the T halassodrominae (P terodactyloidea, T apejaridae) from the R omualdo F ormation (A ptian–A lbian), S antana G roup, A raripe B asin, B razil
ASS Aires, AWA Kellner, RT Müller, LR Da Silva, CP Pacheco, ...
Palaeontology 57 (2), 343-355, 2014
Rise of an empire: analyzing the high diversity of the earliest sauropodomorph dinosaurs through distinct hypotheses
RT Müller, MS Garcia
Historical Biology 32 (10), 1334-1339, 2020
A new Upper Triassic cynodont-bearing fossiliferous site from southern Brazil, with taphonomic remarks and description of a new traversodontid taxon
AEB Pavanatto, FA Pretto, L Kerber, RT Müller, ÁAS Da-Rosa, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 88, 179-196, 2018
Craniomandibular osteology of Macrocollum itaquii (Dinosauria: Sauropodomorpha) from the Late Triassic of southern Brazil
RT Müller
Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 18 (10), 805-841, 2020
The oldest known co-occurrence of dinosaurs and their closest relatives: a new lagerpetid from a Carnian (Upper Triassic) bed of Brazil with implications for dinosauromorph …
MS Garcia, RT Müller, ÁAS Da-Rosa, S Dias-da-Silva
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 91, 302-319, 2019
The first ornithosuchid from Brazil and its macroevolutionary and phylogenetic implications for Late Triassic faunas in Gondwana
RT Muller, M Belen von Baczko, JB Desojo, SJ Nesbitt
A new Permian temnospondyl with Russian affinities from South America, the new family Konzhukoviidae, and the phylogenetic status of Archegosauroidea
CP Pacheco, E Eltink, RT Müller, S Dias-da-Silva
Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 15 (3), 241-256, 2017
Skull remains of the dinosaur Saturnalia tupiniquim (Late Triassic, Brazil): With comments on the early evolution of sauropodomorph feeding behaviour
M Bronzati, RT Müller, MC Langer
PloS one 14 (9), e0221387, 2019
The role of ontogeny on character polarization in early dinosaurs: a new specimen from the Late Triassic of southern Brazil and its implications
RT Müller, MC Langer, CP Pacheco, S Dias-da-Silva
Historical Biology, 2017
Biostratigraphic significance of a new early sauropodomorph specimen from the Upper Triassic of southern Brazil
RT Müller, MC Langer, S Dias-da-Silva
Historical Biology 29 (2), 187-202, 2017
An impressive skeleton of the giant top predator Prestosuchus chiniquensis (Pseudosuchia: Loricata) from the Triassic of Southern Brazil, with phylogenetic remarks
L Roberto-Da-Silva, RT Müller, MAG de França, SF Cabreira, ...
Historical Biology, 2018
Wachholz, a new exquisite dinosaur-bearing fossiliferous site from the Upper Triassic of southern Brazil
RT Müller, ÁAS da Rosa, LR da Silva, ASS Aires, CP Pacheco, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 61, 120-128, 2015
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