Caroline Senecal
Caroline Senecal
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The Academic Motivation Scale: A measure of intrinsic, extrinsic, and amotivation in education
RJ Vallerand, LG Pelletier, MR Blais, NM Briere, C Senecal, EF Vallieres
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On the assessment of intrinsic, extrinsic, and amotivation in education: Evidence on the concurrent and construct validity of the Academic Motivation Scale
RJ Vallerand, LG Pelletier, MR Blais, NM Brière, C Senecal, ÉF Vallières
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Self-regulation and academic procrastination
C Senécal, R Koestner, RJ Vallerand
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Autonomous, controlled, and amotivated types of academic motivation: A person-oriented analysis.
CF Ratelle, F Guay, RJ Vallerand, S Larose, C Senécal
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Predicting intraindividual changes in teacher burnout: The role of perceived school environment and motivational factors
C Fernet, F Guay, C Senécal, S Austin
Teaching and teacher education 28 (4), 514-525, 2012
Predicting career indecision: A self-determination theory perspective.
F Guay, C Senécal, L Gauthier, C Fernet
Journal of counseling psychology 50 (2), 165, 2003
Adjusting to job demands: The role of work self-determination and job control in predicting burnout
C Fernet, F Guay, C Senécal
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Proximal Job Characteristics, Feelings of Empowerment, and Intrinsic Motivation: A Multidimensional Model1
M Gagné, CB Senecal, R Koestner
Journal of applied social psychology 27 (14), 1222-1240, 1997
The work tasks motivation scale for teachers (WTMST)
C Fernet, C Senécal, F Guay, H Marsh, M Dowson
Journal of Career assessment 16 (2), 256-279, 2008
Motivation and dietary self-care in adults with diabetes: are self-efficacy and autonomous self-regulation complementary or competing constructs?
C Senécal, A Nouwen, D White
Health psychology 19 (5), 452, 2000
Perceptions of parental involvement and support as predictors of college students' persistence in a science curriculum.
CF Ratelle, S Larose, F Guay, C Senécal
Journal of family psychology 19 (2), 286, 2005
Role conflict and academic procrastination: A self‐determination perspective
C Senécal, E Julien, F Guay
European journal of social psychology 33 (1), 135-145, 2003
Distinguishing developmental from chronic career indecision: Self-efficacy, autonomy, and social support
F Guay, CF Ratelle, C Senécal, S Larose, A Deschênes
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Antecedents and outcomes of work-family conflict: Toward a motivational model
C Senécal, RJ Vallerand, F Guay
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 27 (2), 176-186, 2001
Family correlates of trajectories of academic motivation during a school transition: a semiparametric group-based approach.
CF Ratelle, F Guay, S Larose, C Senécal
Journal of educational psychology 96 (4), 743, 2004
Trait and situational factors in procrastination: An interactional model.
C Senecal, K Lavoie, R Koestner
Journal of Social Behavior & Personality 12 (4), 1997
A comparison of the school intrinsic motivation and perceived competence of gifted and regular students
RJ Vallerand, F Gagné, C Senécal, LG Pelletier
Gifted Child Quarterly 38 (4), 172-175, 1994
The relationship between school‐leisure conflict and educational and mental health indexes: A motivational analysis
CF Ratelle, C Senècal, RJ Vallerand, P Provencher
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Trajectories of science self-efficacy beliefs during the college transition and academic and vocational adjustment in science and technology programs
S Larose, CF Ratelle, F Guay, C Senécal, M Harvey
Educational Research and Evaluation 12 (4), 373-393, 2006
Effects of gender, age, and diabetes duration on dietary self-care in adolescents with type 1 diabetes: A Self-Determination Theory perspective
S Austin, C Senécal, F Guay, A Nouwen
Journal of health psychology 16 (6), 917-928, 2011
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