Miguel Griffin
Miguel Griffin
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Opening of Drake Passage gateway and Late Miocene to Pleistocene cooling reflected in Southern Ocean molluscan dispersal: evidence from New Zealand and Argentina
AG Beu, M Griffin, PA Maxwell
Tectonophysics 281 (1-2), 83-97, 1997
Sr-isotope chronostratigraphy of Paleogene–Neogene marine deposits: Austral Basin, southern Patagonia (Argentina)
A Parras, GR Dix, M Griffin
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 37, 122-135, 2012
Correlation of marine beds based on Sr-and Ar-date determinations and faunal affinities across the Paleogene/Neogene boundary in southern Patagonia, Argentina
A Parras, M Griffin, R Feldmann, S Casadío, C Schweitzer, S Marenssi
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 26 (2), 204-216, 2008
Megainvertebrados del Cretácico y su importancia bioestratigráfica
B Aguirre-Urreta, DG Lazo, M Griffin, V Vennari, AM Parras, C Cataldo, ...
Geología y Recursos Naturales de la Provincia del Neuquén. Buenos Aires …, 2011
Eocene bivalves from the Río Turbio formation, southwestern Patagonia (Argentina)
M Griffin
Journal of Paleontology 65 (1), 119-146, 1991
A revision of the type specimens of Tertiary molluscs from Chile and Argentina described by d'Orbigny (1842), Sowerby (1846) and Hupé (1854)
M Griffin, SN Nielsen
Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 6 (3), 251-316, 2008
Paleontology and sedimentology of Middle Eocene rocks in Lago Argentino area, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina
SA Casadio, M Griffin, SA Marenssi, LI Net, AM Parras, ...
Asociacion Paleontologica Argentina, 2009
Late Cretaceous-early Tertiary gastropods from southwestern Patagonia, Argentina
M Griffin, MA Hünicken
Journal of Paleontology 68 (2), 257-274, 1994
The genus Trophon Monfort, 1810 (Gastropoda: Muricidae) in the Tertiary of Patagonia
M Griffin, G Pastorino
Journal of Paleontology 79 (2), 296-311, 2005
Distribution and palaeoenvironmental significance of the genus Bouchardia (Brachiopoda, Terebratellidina): its bearing on the Cenozoic evolution of the South Atlantic
Revista Brasileira de Geociências 18 (2), 201-211, 1988
Late Cretaceous and Tertiary aporrhaid gastropods from the southern rim of the Pacific Ocean
WJ Zinsmeister, M Griffin
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Late Cretaceous (Campanian/Maastrichtian) freshwater to restricted marine mollusc fauna from the Loncoche Formation, Neuquén Basin, west-central Argentina
A Parras, M Griffin
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Darwin's great Patagonian Tertiary Formation at the mouth of the Río Santa Cruz: a reappraisal
AM Parras, M Griffin
Asociación Geológica Argentina, 2009
Mass mortality of fossil decapods within the Monte León Formation (early Miocene), southern Argentina: victims of Andean volcanism
RS Crawford, S Casadío, RM Feldmann, M Griffin, A Parras, ...
Annals of Carnegie Museum 77 (2), 259-287, 2008
Evidence for early Pliocene and late Miocene transgressions in southern Patagonia (Argentina): 87Sr/86Sr ages of the pectinid “Chlamys” actinodes (Sowerby)
J Claudia, M Griffin, JM McArthur, S Martínez, MF Thirlwall
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 47, 220-229, 2013
Camptonectes and Plicatula (Bivalvia, Pteriomorphia) from the Upper Maastrichtian of northern Patagonia: palaeobiogeographic implications
S Casadío, M Griffin, A Parras
Cretaceous Research 26 (4), 507-524, 2005
Edades 87Sr/86Sr de Crassostrea? Hatcheri Ortmann (Bivalvia, Ostreoidea) en el “Patagoniano” de Santa Cruz, Argentina
S Casadío, A Parras, SA Marenssi, M Griffin
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Bryozoans from the Paraná Formation (Miocene), in Entre Ríos province, Argentina
M Muravchik, M Griffin, LM Pérez
Ameghiniana 41, 2004
Maastrichtian and Danian species of Turkostreini (Ostreidae, Crassostreinae) from the Neuquén Basin, Argentina
M Griffin, S Casadío, A Parras
Ameghiniana 42 (2), 257-276, 2005
Timing and rates of foreland sedimentation: New detrital zircon U/Pb geochronology of the Cerro Dorotea, Río Turbio, and Río Guillermo formations, Magallanes basin
JC Fosdick, JE Bostelmann, J Leonard, R Ugalde, JL Oyarzún, M Griffin
XIV Congreso Geológico Chileno, 152-166, 2015
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