Greg Baxter
Greg Baxter
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Fluorescence intensity ratio technique for optical fiber point temperature sensing
SA Wade, SF Collins, GW Baxter
Journal of Applied physics 94 (8), 4743-4756, 2003
Comparison of fluorescence-based temperature sensor schemes: theoretical analysis and experimental validation
SF Collins, GW Baxter, SA Wade, T Sun, KTV Grattan, ZY Zhang, ...
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A Roberts, E Ampem-Lassen, A Barty, KA Nugent, GW Baxter, ...
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High dynamic range temperature point sensor using green fluorescence intensity ratio in erbium-doped silica fiber
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NM Dragomir, C Rollinson, SA Wade, AJ Stevenson, SF Collins, ...
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DA Simpson, WEK Gibbs, SF Collins, W Blanc, B Dussardier, G Monnom, ...
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Self-referenced point temperature sensor based on a fluorescence intensity ratio in Yb 3+-doped silica fiber
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-doped optical fiber temperature sensor using the fluorescence intensity ratio technique
SA Wade, JC Muscat, SF Collins, GW Baxter
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Non-linear temperature dependence of Bragg gratings written in different fibres, optimised for sensor applications over a wide range of temperatures
S Pal, T Sun, KTV Grattan, SA Wade, SF Collins, GW Baxter, B Dussardier, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 112 (2-3), 211-219, 2004
Single-mode 1.34-μm Nd:YVO4 microchip laser with cw Ti:sapphire and diode-laser pumping
GC Bowkett, GW Baxter, DJ Booth, T Taira, H Teranishi, T Kobayashi
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High-temperature-resistant chemical composition Bragg gratings in Er 3+-doped optical fiber
S Trpkovski, DJ Kitcher, GW Baxter, SF Collins, SA Wade
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Quantitative investigation of the refractive-index modulation within the core of a fiber Bragg grating
BP Kouskousis, CM Rollinson, DJ Kitcher, SF Collins, GW Baxter, ...
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DA Simpson, GW Baxter, SF Collins, WEK Gibbs, W Blanc, B Dussardier, ...
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SA Wade, SF Collins, KTV Grattan, GW Baxter
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CM Rollinson, SA Wade, NM Dragomir, GW Baxter, SF Collins, A Roberts
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E Maurice, G Monnom, GW Baxter, SA Wade, BP Petreski, SF Collins
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Performance of a Nd:YVO4 microchip laser with continuous-wave pumping at wavelengths between 741 and 825 nm
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Dual temperature and strain sensor using a combined fiber Bragg grating and fluorescence intensity ratio technique in -doped fiber
S Trpkovski, SA Wade, GW Baxter, SF Collins
Review of scientific instruments 74 (5), 2880-2885, 2003
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