Tomas Brodin
Tomas Brodin
Dept. Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies, SLU Umeå
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Dilute concentrations of a psychiatric drug alter behavior of fish from natural populations
T Brodin, J Fick, M Jonsson, J Klaminder
Science 339 (6121), 814-815, 2013
Personality-dependent dispersal: characterization, ontogeny and consequences for spatially structured populations
J Cote, J Clobert, T Brodin, S Fogarty, A Sih
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J Cote, S Fogarty, K Weinersmith, T Brodin, A Sih
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Nature-based solutions: new influence for environmental management and research in Europe
H Eggermont, E Balian, JMN Azevedo, V Beumer, T Brodin, J Claudet, ...
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T Brodin, S Piovano, J Fick, J Klaminder, M Heynen, M Jonsson
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Direct and indirect effects of chemical contaminants on the behaviour, ecology and evolution of wildlife
M Saaristo, T Brodin, S Balshine, MG Bertram, BW Brooks, SM Ehlman, ...
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Personality-dependent dispersal in the invasive mosquitofish: group composition matters
J Cote, S Fogarty, T Brodin, K Weinersmith, A Sih
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ToxTrac: A fast and robust software for tracking organisms
A Rodriguez, H Zhang, J Klaminder, T Brodin, PL Andersson, ...
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A diverse suite of pharmaceuticals contaminates stream and riparian food webs
ASMRG Erinn K. Richmond, Emma J. Rosi, David M. Walters, Jerker Fick ...
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Conflicting selection pressures on the growth/predation‐risk trade‐off in a damselfly
T Brodin, F Johansson
Ecology 85 (11), 2927-2932, 2004
Bioaccumulation of five pharmaceuticals at multiple trophic levels in an aquatic food web-Insights from a field experiment
A Lagesson, J Fahlman, T Brodin, J Fick, M Jonsson, P Byström, ...
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Personality-dependent dispersal cancelled under predation risk
J Cote, S Fogarty, B Tymen, A Sih, T Brodin
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Behavioral syndrome over the boundaries of life—carryovers from larvae to adult damselfly
T Brodin
Behavioral Ecology 20 (1), 30-37, 2009
Effects of fish predators and abiotic factors on dragonfly community structure
F Johansson, T Brodin
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Toward sustainable environmental quality: Priority research questions for Europe
PJ Van den Brink, ABA Boxall, L Maltby, BW Brooks, MA Rudd, ...
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 37 (9), 2281-2295, 2018
Personality trait differences between mainland and island populations in the common frog (Rana temporaria)
T Brodin, MI Lind, MK Wiberg, F Johansson
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 67, 135-143, 2013
Long-term persistence of an anxiolytic drug (oxazepam) in a large freshwater lake
J Klaminder, T Brodin, A Sundelin, NJ Anderson, J Fahlman, M Jonsson, ...
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Differential removal of human pathogenic viruses from sewage by conventional and ozone treatments
H Wang, P Sikora, C Rutgersson, M Lindh, T Brodin, B Björlenius, ...
International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health 221 (3), 479-488, 2018
The conceptual imperfection of aquatic risk assessment tests: highlighting the need for tests designed to detect therapeutic effects of pharmaceutical contaminants
J Klaminder, M Jonsson, J Fick, A Sundelin, T Brodin
Environmental Research Letters 9 (8), 084003, 2014
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