Ilya Turchin
Ilya Turchin
Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Complementary use of cross-polarization and standard OCT for differential diagnosis of pathological tissues
RV Kuranov, VV Sapozhnikova, IV Turchin, EV Zagainova, VM Gelikonov, ...
Optics Express 10 (15), 707-713, 2002
Novel algorithm of processing optical coherence tomography images for differentiation of biological tissue pathologies
IV Turchin, EA Sergeeva, LS Dolin, NM Shakhova, RR Richards-Kortum
Journal of biomedical optics 10 (6), 064024, 2005
Flavoprotein miniSOG as a genetically encoded photosensitizer for cancer cells
AP Ryumina, EO Serebrovskaya, MV Shirmanova, LB Snopova, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects 1830 (11), 5059-5067, 2013
Phototoxic effects of fluorescent protein KillerRed on tumor cells in mice
MV Shirmanova, EO Serebrovskaya, KA Lukyanov, LB Snopova, ...
Journal of biophotonics 6 (3), 283-290, 2013
Frequency‐domain diffuse optical tomography with single source‐detector pair for breast cancer detection
AG Orlova, IV Turchin, VI Plehanov, NM Shakhova, II Fiks, MI Kleshnin, ...
Laser Physics Letters 5 (4), 321-327, 2008
Fluorescent immunolabeling of cancer cells by quantum dots and antibody scFv fragment
TA Zdobnova, SG Dorofeev, PN Tananaev, RB Vasiliev, TG Balandin, ...
Journal of biomedical optics 14 (2), 021004, 2009
Clinical aspects of the endoscopic optical coherence tomography and the ways for improving its diagnostic value
NM Shakhova, VM Gelikonov, VA Kamensky, RV Kuranov, IV Turchin
Laser physics 12 (4), 617-626, 2002
Optical coherence tomography for in situ monitoring of laser corneal ablation
SN Bagayev, VM Gelikonov, GV Gelikonov, ES Kargapoltsev, RV Kuranov, ...
Journal of biomedical optics 7 (4), 633-642, 2002
Fluorescence diffuse tomography for detection of red fluorescent protein expressed tumors in small animals
IV Turchin, VA Kamensky, VI Plehanov, AG Orlova, MS Kleshnin, II Fiks, ...
Journal of biomedical optics 13 (4), 041310, 2008
Lifetime imaging of FRET between red fluorescent proteins
AL Rusanov, TV Ivashina, LM Vinokurov, II Fiks, AG Orlova, IV Turchin, ...
Journal of biophotonics 3 (12), 774-783, 2010
A novel far-red fluorescent xenograft model of ovarian carcinoma for preclinical evaluation of HER2-targeted immunotoxins
T Zdobnova, E Sokolova, O Stremovskiy, D Karpenko, W Telford, I Turchin, ...
Oncotarget 6 (31), 30919, 2015
Simultaneous photoacoustic and optically mediated ultrasound microscopy: phantom study
P Subochev, A Katichev, A Morozov, A Orlova, V Kamensky, I Turchin
Optics letters 37 (22), 4606-4608, 2012
Simultaneous photoacoustic and optically mediated ultrasound microscopy: an in vivo study
P Subochev, A Orlova, M Shirmanova, A Postnikova, I Turchin
Biomedical optics express 6 (2), 631-638, 2015
Optimal wavelengths for optoacoustic measurements of blood oxygen saturation in biological tissues
V Perekatova, P Subochev, M Kleshnin, I Turchin
Biomedical optics express 7 (10), 3979-3995, 2016
Fluence compensation in raster-scan optoacoustic angiography
M Kirillin, V Perekatova, I Turchin, P Subochev
Photoacoustics 8, 59-67, 2017
In vivo study of photosensitizer pharmacokinetics by fluorescence transillumination imaging
MV Shirmanova, EV Zagainova, MA Sirotkina, LB Snopova, IV Balalaeva, ...
Journal of biomedical optics 15 (4), 048004, 2010
Comparative study of tumor hypoxia by diffuse optical spectroscopy and immunohistochemistry in two tumor models
AV Maslennikova, AG Orlova, GY Golubiatnikov, VA Kamensky, ...
Journal of biophotonics 3 (12), 743-751, 2010
Imaging of QDs-labeled tumors in small animals by fluorescence diffuse tomography
IV Turchin, IV Balalaeva, RB Vasil'Ev, VP Zlomanov, VI Plehanov, ...
Laser Physics Letters 3 (4), 208, 2005
Estimation of biotissue scattering properties from OCT images using a small-angle approximation of transport theory
IV Turchin, EA Sergeeva, LS Dolin, VA Kamensky
LASER PHYSICS-LAWRENCE- 13 (12), 1524-1529, 2003
Fluorescence diffuse tomography of small animals with DsRed2 fluorescent protein
IV Turchin, VI Plehanov, AG Orlova, VA Kamenskiy, MS Kleshnin, ...
Laser physics 16 (5), 741, 2006
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