Roberto Raimondi
Roberto Raimondi
Professore di fisica della materia, Roma Tre University
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Phase-coherent transport in hybrid superconducting nanostructures
CJ Lambert, R Raimondi
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 10 (5), 901, 1998
Microscopic theory of the inverse Edelstein effect
K Shen, G Vignale, R Raimondi
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Effective single-band models for the high- cuprates. I. Coulomb interactions
LF Feiner, JH Jefferson, R Raimondi
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Spin-Hall effect in a disordered two-dimensional electron system
R Raimondi, P Schwab
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Resonant Andreev tunneling in strongly interacting quantum dots
R Fazio, R Raimondi
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Effective single-band models for the high-T c cuprates. II. Role of apical oxygen
R Raimondi, JH Jefferson, LF Feiner
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Intrasublattice Hopping in the Extended t-J Model and T c max in the Cuprates
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Quasiclassical approach to the spin Hall effect in the two-dimensional electron gas
R Raimondi, C Gorini, P Schwab, M Dzierzawa
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Spin‐orbit interaction in a two‐dimensional electron gas: A SU (2) formulation
R Raimondi, P Schwab, C Gorini, G Vignale
Annalen der Physik 524 (3‐4), 2012
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P Schwab, R Raimondi
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Non-Abelian gauge fields in the gradient expansion: Generalized Boltzmann and Eilenberger equations
C Gorini, P Schwab, R Raimondi, AL Shelankov
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Nonlinear quasiparticle tunneling between fractional quantum Hall edges
S Roddaro, V Pellegrini, F Beltram, G Biasiol, L Sorba, R Raimondi, ...
Physical review letters 90 (4), 046805, 2003
Optimal charge-to-spin conversion in graphene on transition-metal dichalcogenides
M Offidani, M Milletarì, R Raimondi, A Ferreira
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Collective excitations, photoemission spectra, and optical gaps in strongly correlated Fermi systems
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Charge collective modes and dynamic pairing in the three-band Hubbard model. II. Strong-coupling limit
R Raimondi, C Castellani, M Grilli, Y Bang, G Kotliar
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Boundary conditions for quasiclassical equations in the theory of superconductivity
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Superconductive fluctuations in the density of states and tunneling resistance in high- superconductors
C Di Castro, R Raimondi, C Castellani, AA Varlamov
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Lower and upper Hubbard bands: A slave-boson treatment
R Raimondi, C Castellani
Physical Review B 48 (15), 11453, 1993
Magnetoconductance of a two-dimensional metal in the presence of spin-orbit coupling
P Schwab, R Raimondi
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 25 (4 …, 2002
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