Nicholas Stanger
Nicholas Stanger
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Moral behavior
M Kavussanu, N Stanger
Current Opinion in Psychology, 2017
Moral behavior in sport
M Kavussanu, N Stanger
Current opinion in psychology 16, 185-192, 2017
The Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviour in Sport Scale: Further evidence for construct validity and reliability
M Kavussanu, N Stanger, ID Boardley
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The influence of moral disengagement and negative emotion on antisocial sport behavior.
N Stanger, M Kavussanu, ID Boardley, C Ring
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Put yourself in their boots: Effects of empathy on emotion and aggression
N Stanger, M Kavussanu, C Ring
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The effects of moral identity on moral emotion and antisocial behavior in sport.
M Kavussanu, N Stanger, C Ring
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The relationship between mindfulness and life stress in student-athletes: The mediating role of coping effectiveness and decision rumination
M Kaiseler, JM Poolton, SH Backhouse, N Stanger
The Sport Psychologist 31 (3), 288-298, 2017
Linking motivational climate with moral behavior in youth sport: The role of social support, perspective taking, and moral disengagement.
N Stanger, SH Backhouse, A Jennings, J McKenna
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Empathy Inhibits Aggression in Competition: The Role of Provocation, Emotion, and Gender
N Stanger, M Kavussanu, D McIntyre, C Ring
Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology 38 (1), 4-14, 2016
Psychophysiological responses to sport-specific affective pictures: A study of morality and emotion in athletes
N Stanger, M Kavussanu, A Willoughby, C Ring
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Gender moderates the relationship between empathy and aggressiveness in sport: The mediating role of anger
N Stanger, M Kavussanu, C Ring
Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 29 (1), 44-58, 2017
A Multistudy Cross-Sectional and Experimental Examination Into the Interactive Effects of Moral Identity and Moral Disengagement on Doping
N Stanger, SH Backhouse
Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 42 (3), 185-200, 2020
The Role of Preperformance and In-Game Emotions in Cognitive Interference During Sport Performance: The Moderating Role of Self-Confidence and Reappraisal
N Stanger, R Chettle, J Whittle, J Poolton
The Sport Psychologist 32 (2), 114-124, 2018
Effects of antisocial behaviour on opponent's anger, attention, and performance
C Ring, M Kavussanu, A Al-Yaaribi, G Tenenbaum, N Stanger
Journal of sports sciences 37 (8), 871-877, 2019
An increase in fat-free mass is associated with higher appetite and energy intake in older adults: a randomised control trial
KO Johnson, A Holliday, N Mistry, A Cunniffe, K Howard, N Stanger, ...
Nutrients 13 (1), 141, 2021
The effects of heat exposure during intermittent exercise on physical and cognitive performance among team sport athletes
K Donnan, EL Williams, N Stanger
Perceptual and Motor Skills 128 (1), 439-466, 2021
Consequences of teammate moral behaviour: Linking team moral norms with cohesion and collective efficacy
G Pizzi, N Stanger
International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 18 (4), 437-453, 2020
Linking facets of pride with moral behaviour in sport: the mediating role of moral disengagement
N Stanger, M Kavussanu, C Ring
International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 19 (6), 929-942, 2021
The effects of exercise at different temperatures on cognitive function: A systematic review
K Donnan, EL Williams, JL Morris, N Stanger
Psychology of Sport and Exercise 54, 101908, 2021
Substance use in university sport: A cross-national study of student-athlete substance use behaviors and perceived responses to witnessing substance use
K Erickson, N Stanger, L Patterson, SH Backhouse
Performance Enhancement & Health 7 (1-2), 100151, 2019
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