Lev A. Smirnov
Lev A. Smirnov
Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP RAS)
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Dynamics and stability of dark solitons in exciton-polariton condensates
LA Smirnov, DA Smirnova, EA Ostrovskaya, YS Kivshar
Physical Review B 89 (23), 235310, 2014
Multipolar third-harmonic generation driven by optically induced magnetic resonances
DA Smirnova, AB Khanikaev, LA Smirnov, YS Kivshar
ACS Photonics 3 (8), 1468-1476, 2016
Generation of Cherenkov waves in the flow of a Bose–Einstein condensate past an obstacle
YG Gladush, LA Smirnov, AM Kamchatnov
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 41 (16), 165301, 2008
Structure of vortex shedding past potential barriers moving in a Bose-Einstein condensate
VA Mironov, AI Smirnov, LA Smirnov
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 110 (5), 877-889, 2010
Dissipative plasmon solitons in graphene nanodisk arrays
DA Smirnova, RE Noskov, LA Smirnov, YS Kivshar
Physical Review B 91 (7), 075409, 2015
Langevin dynamics and decoherence of heavy quarks at high temperatures
Y Akamatsu
Physical Review C 92 (4), 044911, 2015
Dynamics of vortex structure formation during the evolution of modulation instability of dark solitons
VA Mironov, AI Smirnov, LA Smirnov
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 112 (1), 46-59, 2011
Chimera patterns in the Kuramoto–Battogtokh model
L Smirnov, G Osipov, A Pikovsky
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 50 (8), 08LT01, 2017
Dynamics of two-dimensional dark quasisolitons in a smoothly inhomogeneous Bose-Einstein condensate
LA Smirnov, VA Mironov
Physical Review A 85 (5), 053620, 2012
Simple and complex chimera states in a nonlinearly coupled oscillatory medium
M Bolotov, L Smirnov, G Osipov, A Pikovsky
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 28 (4), 045101, 2018
Scattering of two-dimensional dark solitons by a single quantum vortex in a Bose-Einstein condensate
LA Smirnov, AI Smirnov
Physical Review A 92 (1), 013636, 2015
Controlling disorder with periodically modulated interactions
A Kosior, J Major, M Płodzień, J Zakrzewski
Physical Review A 92 (2), 023606, 2015
Topological edge states and gap solitons in the nonlinear Dirac model
DA Smirnova, LA Smirnov, D Leykam, YS Kivshar
Laser & Photonics Reviews 13 (12), 1900223, 2019
Breathing chimera in a system of phase oscillators
MI Bolotov, LA Smirnov, GV Osipov, AS Pikovsky
JETP Letters 106 (6), 393-399, 2017
Exact results for quenched bond randomness at criticality
G Delfino
Physical Review Letters 118 (25), 250601, 2017
Bistability of rotational modes in a system of coupled pendulums
LA Smirnov, AK Kryukov, GV Osipov, J Kurths
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics 21 (7-8), 849-861, 2016
Quantum coarse graining, symmetries, and reducibility of dynamics
O Kabernik
Physical Review A 97 (5), 052130, 2018
Bogoliubov-Cherenkov radiation in an atom laser
BM Henson, X Yue, SS Hodgman, DK Shin, LA Smirnov, EA Ostrovskaya, ...
Physical Review A 97 (6), 063601, 2018
Influence of classic noise on entangled state formation in parametric systems
VO Martynov, VA Mironov, LA Smirnov
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 50 (8), 085501, 2017
Propagation and annihilation of vortex pairs in a smoothly inhomogeneous Bose-Einstein condensate
VA Mironov, LA Smirnov
JETP letters 95 (11), 549-554, 2012
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