Ann Hirt
Ann Hirt
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Modeling magnetic torque and force for controlled manipulation of soft-magnetic bodies
JJ Abbott, O Ergeneman, MP Kummer, AM Hirt, BJ Nelson
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 23 (6), 1247-1252, 2007
Hybrid, silica-coated, Janus-like plasmonic-magnetic nanoparticles
GA Sotiriou, AM Hirt, PY Lozach, A Teleki, F Krumeich, SE Pratsinis
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F Martı́n-Hernández, AM Hirt
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R Kligfield, W Lowrie, A Hirt, AWB Siddans
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Formation of magnetite nanoparticles at low temperature: from superparamagnetic to stable single domain particles
J Baumgartner, L Bertinetti, M Widdrat, AM Hirt, D Faivre
PloS one 8 (3), e57070, 2013
Magnetic anisotropy, rock fabrics and finite strain in deformed sediments of SW Sardinia (Italy)
CM Lüneburg, SA Lampert, HD Lebit, AM Hirt, M Casey, W Lowrie
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Magnetic iron compounds in the human brain: a comparison of tumour and hippocampal tissue
F Brem, AM Hirt, M Winklhofer, K Frei, Y Yonekawa, HG Wieser, J Dobson
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 3 (11), 833-841, 2006
The origin of tectonic lineation in extensional basins: combined neutron texture and magnetic analyses on “undeformed” clays
F Cifelli, M Mattei, M Chadima, AM Hirt, A Hansen
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The age and timing of folding in the central Appalachians from paleomagnetic results
J Stamatakos, AM Hirt, W Lowrie
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Hybrid wood materials with magnetic anisotropy dictated by the hierarchical cell structure
V Merk, M Chanana, N Gierlinger, AM Hirt, I Burgert
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (12), 9760-9767, 2014
Morphology, structure and magnetic properties of cobalt–nickel films obtained from acidic electrolytes containing glycine
O Ergeneman, KM Sivaraman, S Pané, E Pellicer, A Teleki, AM Hirt, ...
Electrochimica Acta 56 (3), 1399-1408, 2011
Separation of ferrimagnetic and paramagnetic anisotropies using a high-field torsion magnetometer
F Martı́n-Hernández, AM Hirt
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Thermal alteration of the magnetic mineralogy in ferruginous rocks
AM Hirt, AU Gehring
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W Lowrie, AM Hirt
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Thermal generation of ferromagnetic minerals from iron-enriched smectites
AM Hirt, A Banin, AU Gehring
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Liquid‐Crystalline Elastomer‐Nanoparticle Hybrids with Reversible Switch of Magnetic Memory
JM Haberl, A Sánchez‐Ferrer, AM Mihut, H Dietsch, AM Hirt, R Mezzenga
Advanced Materials 25 (12), 1787-1791, 2013
A refined biomonitoring study of airborne particulate matter pollution in Rome, with magnetic measurements on Quercus Ilex tree leaves
M Szönyi, L Sagnotti, AM Hirt
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Effects of tectonic deformation on the remanent magnetization of rocks
W Lowrie, AM Hirt, R Kligfield
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An AMS, structural and paleomagnetic study of quaternary deformation in eastern Sicily
F Cifelli, F Rossetti, M Mattei, AM Hirt, R Funiciello, L Tortorici
Journal of Structural Geology 26 (1), 29-46, 2004
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