Andrew R Kennedy
Andrew R Kennedy
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Carbon nanotube toughened aluminium oxide nanocomposite
I Ahmad, H Cao, H Chen, H Zhao, A Kennedy, YQ Zhu
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The effect of TiH2 heat treatment on gas release and foaming in Al–TiH2 preforms
AR Kennedy
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Reaction in Al–TiC metal matrix composites
AR Kennedy, DP Weston, MI Jones
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N Zarrinfar, PH Shipway, AR Kennedy, A Saidi
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The reactive wetting and incorporation of B4C particles into molten aluminium
AR Kennedy, B Brampton
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AE Karantzalis, S Wyatt, AR Kennedy
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AR Kennedy, SM Wyatt
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AR Kennedy, AE Karantzalis
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AR Kennedy
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VH Lopez, A Scoles, AR Kennedy
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AR Kennedy, DP Weston, MI Jones, C Enel
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PH Shipway, AR Kennedy, AJ Wilkes
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Effect of Ceramic Particle Additions on Foam Expansion and Stability in Compacted Al‐TiH2 Powder Precursors
AR Kennedy, S Asavavisithchai
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Reaction synthesis of Cu–TiCx master-alloys for the production of copper-based composites
N Zarrinfar, AR Kennedy, PH Shipway
Scripta materialia 50 (7), 949-952, 2004
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