Daoqiang Zhang
Daoqiang Zhang
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Robust image segmentation using FCM with spatial constraints based on new kernel-induced distance measure
S Chen, D Zhang
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B (Cybernetics) 34 …, 2004
Fast and robust fuzzy c-means clustering algorithms incorporating local information for image segmentation
W Cai, S Chen, D Zhang
Pattern recognition 40 (3), 825-838, 2007
Multimodal classification of Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment
D Zhang, Y Wang, L Zhou, H Yuan, D Shen, ...
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(2D) 2PCA: Two-directional two-dimensional PCA for efficient face representation and recognition
D Zhang, ZH Zhou
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A novel kernelized fuzzy c-means algorithm with application in medical image segmentation
DQ Zhang, SC Chen
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Multi-modal multi-task learning for joint prediction of multiple regression and classification variables in Alzheimer's disease
D Zhang, D Shen, Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
NeuroImage 59 (2), 895-907, 2012
Semi-supervised dimensionality reduction
D Zhang, ZH Zhou, S Chen
Proceedings of the 2007 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 629-634, 2007
Identification of MCI individuals using structural and functional connectivity networks
CY Wee, PT Yap, D Zhang, K Denny, JN Browndyke, GG Potter, ...
Neuroimage 59 (3), 2045-2056, 2012
Clustering incomplete data using kernel-based fuzzy c-means algorithm
DQ Zhang, SC Chen
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Ensemble sparse classification of Alzheimer's disease
M Liu, D Zhang, D Shen, Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
NeuroImage 60 (2), 1106-1116, 2012
Predicting future clinical changes of MCI patients using longitudinal and multimodal biomarkers
D Zhang, D Shen, Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
PloS one 7 (3), e33182, 2012
Constraint score: A new filter method for feature selection with pairwise constraints
D Zhang, S Chen, ZH Zhou
Pattern Recognition 41 (5), 1440-1451, 2008
A new face recognition method based on SVD perturbation for single example image per person
D Zhang, S Chen, ZH Zhou
Applied Mathematics and computation 163 (2), 895-907, 2005
Diagonal principal component analysis for face recognition
D Zhang, ZH Zhou, S Chen
Pattern recognition 39 (1), 140-142, 2006
Adaptive feature selection guided deep forest for covid-19 classification with chest ct
L Sun, Z Mo, F Yan, L Xia, F Shan, Z Ding, B Song, W Gao, W Shao, F Shi, ...
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 24 (10), 2798-2805, 2020
Relationship induced multi-template learning for diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment
M Liu, D Zhang, D Shen
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 35 (6), 1463-1474, 2016
Domain transfer learning for MCI conversion prediction
B Cheng, M Liu, D Zhang, BC Munsell, D Shen
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 62 (7), 1805-1817, 2015
Enhanced (PC) 2A for face recognition with one training image per person
S Chen, D Zhang, ZH Zhou
Pattern Recognition Letters 25 (10), 1173-1181, 2004
Group-constrained sparse fMRI connectivity modeling for mild cognitive impairment identification
CY Wee, PT Yap, D Zhang, L Wang, D Shen
Brain Structure and Function 219, 641-656, 2014
A survey on deep learning for neuroimaging-based brain disorder analysis
L Zhang, M Wang, M Liu, D Zhang
Frontiers in neuroscience 14, 779, 2020
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