Alexey Shorikov
Alexey Shorikov
M.N. Miheev Institute of Metal Physics of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, 620137
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Magnetic state and electronic structure of the δ and α phases of metallic Pu and its compounds
AO Shorikov, AV Lukoyanov, MA Korotin, VI Anisimov
Physical Review B 72 (2), 024458, 2005
Coulomb repulsion and correlation strength in LaFeAsO from density functional and dynamical mean-field theories
VI Anisimov, DM Korotin, MA Korotin, AV Kozhevnikov, J Kuneš, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21 (7), 075602, 2009
Orbital-selective formation of local moments in α-iron: First-principles route to an effective model
AA Katanin, AI Poteryaev, AV Efremov, AO Shorikov, SL Skornyakov, ...
Physical Review B 81 (4), 045117, 2010
Metal-insulator transitions and magnetism in correlated band insulators: FeSi and Fe 1− x Co x Si
VV Mazurenko, AO Shorikov, AV Lukoyanov, K Kharlov, E Gorelov, ...
Physical Review B 81 (12), 125131, 2010
First-Order Transition between a Small Gap Semiconductor and a Ferromagnetic Metal in the Isoelectronic Alloy F e S i 1− x G e x
VI Anisimov, R Hlubina, MA Korotin, VV Mazurenko, TM Rice, ...
Physical review letters 89 (25), 257203, 2002
Orbital-selective pressure-driven metal to insulator transition in FeO from dynamical mean-field theory
AO Shorikov, ZV Pchelkina, VI Anisimov, SL Skornyakov, MA Korotin
Physical Review B 82 (19), 195101, 2010
Crystal-field splitting for low symmetry systems in ab initio calculations
SV Streltsov, AS Mylnikova, AO Shorikov, ZV Pchelkina, DI Khomskii, ...
Physical Review B 71 (24), 245114, 2005
Unexpected 3+ valence of iron in FeO2, a geologically important material lying “in between” oxides and peroxides
SS Streltsov, AO Shorikov, SL Skornyakov, AI Poteryaev, DI Khomskii
Scientific reports 7 (1), 13005, 2017
Coulomb correlation effects in LaFeAsO: An LDA+ DMFT (QMC) study
AO Shorikov, MA Korotin, SV Streltsov, SL Skornyakov, DM Korotin, ...
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 108, 121-125, 2009
Density-functional calculation of the Coulomb repulsion and correlation strength in superconducting LaFeAsO
VI Anisimov, DM Korotin, SV Streltsov, AV Kozhevnikov, J Kuneš, ...
JETP letters 88, 729-733, 2008
Atomistic simulations of helium dynamics in a plutonium lattice
V Dremov, P Sapozhnikov, A Kutepov, V Anisimov, M Korotin, A Shorikov, ...
Physical Review B 77 (22), 224306, 2008
Itinerant in-plane magnetic fluctuations and many-body correlations in Na x Co O 2
MM Korshunov, I Eremin, A Shorikov, VI Anisimov, M Renner, W Brenig
Physical Review B 75 (9), 094511, 2007
Electric measurement and magnetic control of spin transport in InSb-based lateral spin devices
NA Viglin, VV Ustinov, SO Demokritov, AO Shorikov, NG Bebenin, ...
Physical Review B 96 (23), 235303, 2017
LDA+ DMFT spectral functions and effective electron mass enhancement in the superconductor LaFePO
SL Skornyakov, NA Skorikov, AV Lukoyanov, AO Shorikov, VI Anisimov
Physical Review B 81 (17), 174522, 2010
Optical conductivity of ortho-II Y Ba 2 Cu 3 O 6.5
E Bascones, TM Rice, AO Shorikov, AV Lukoyanov, VI Anisimov
Physical Review B 71 (1), 012505, 2005
Electronic structure and magnetic state of transuranium metals under pressure
AV Lukoyanov, AO Shorikov, VB Bystrushkin, AA Dyachenko, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22 (49), 495501, 2010
Pressure-driven metal-insulator transition in BiFeO 3 from dynamical mean-field theory
AO Shorikov, AV Lukoyanov, VI Anisimov, SY Savrasov
Physical Review B 92 (3), 035125, 2015
Emergence of quantum critical charge and spin-state fluctuations near the pressure-induced Mott transition in MnO, FeO, CoO, and NiO
I Leonov, AO Shorikov, VI Anisimov, IA Abrikosov
Physical Review B 101 (24), 245144, 2020
Suppression of magnetism under pressure in FeS: A DFT+ DMFT study
AV Ushakov, AO Shorikov, VI Anisimov, NV Baranov, SV Streltsov
Physical Review B 95 (20), 205116, 2017
LDA+ DMFT study of magnetic transition and metallization in CoO under pressure
AA Dyachenko, AO Shorikov, AV Lukoyanov, VI Anisimov
JETP letters 96, 56-60, 2012
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