Joannis Claude
Joannis Claude
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Mesures en hydrologie urbaine et assainissement
JL Bertrand-Krajewski, D Laplace, C Joannis, G Chebbo
Tec & Doc, 2008
Relationship between turbidity and total suspended solids concentration within a combined sewer system
A Hannouche, G Chebbo, G Ruban, B Tassin, BJ Lemaire, C Joannis
Water Science and Technology 64 (12), 2445-2452, 2011
Turbulent velocity profile in fully-developed open channel flows
H Bonakdari, F Larrarte, L Lassabatere, C Joannis
Environmental Fluid Mechanics 8 (1), 1-17, 2008
Performance indicators and multicriteria decision support for sewer asset management
P Le Gauffre, C Joannis, E Vasconcelos, D Breysse, C Gibello, ...
Journal of Infrastructure Systems 13 (2), 105-114, 2007
Modelling of rainfall induced infiltration into separate sewerage
N Belhadj, C Joannis, G Raimbault
Water Science and Technology 32 (1), 161-168, 1995
Acoustic Doppler flow-meters: a proposal to characterize their technical parameters
F Larrarte, JB Bardiaux, P Battaglia, C Joannis
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 19 (5), 261-267, 2008
Assessment of annual pollutant loads in combined sewers from continuous turbidity measurements: Sensitivity to calibration data
C Lacour, C Joannis, G Chebbo
Water research 43 (8), 2179-2190, 2009
Reproducibility and uncertainty of wastewater turbidity measurements
C Joannis, G Ruban, MC Gromaire, JL Bertrand-Krajewski, G Chebbo
Water Science and Technology 57 (10), 1667-1673, 2008
Gestion patrimoniale des réseaux d'assainissement urbains: guide méthodologique
P Le Gauffre, C Joannis, D Breysse, C Gibello, JJ Desmulliez, ...
Tec & Doc, 2004
New insights in dynamic modeling of a secondary settler—I. Flux theory and steady-states analysis
JP Chancelier, MC De Lara, C Joannis, F Pacard
Water Research 31 (8), 1847-1856, 1997
Velocity distribution in open channel flows: Analytical approach for the outer region
L Lassabatere, JH Pu, H Bonakdari, C Joannis, F Larrarte
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 139 (1), 37-43, 2013
Assessment of the contribution of sewer deposits to suspended solids loads in combined sewer systems during rain events
A Hannouche, G Chebbo, C Joannis
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21, 5311-5317, 2014
Potential of turbidity monitoring for real time control of pollutant discharge in sewers during rainfall events
C Lacour, C Joannis, MC Gromaire, G Chebbo
Water Science and Technology 59 (8), 1471-1478, 2009
Potential and limits of stable isotopes (δ18O and δD) to detect parasitic water in sewers of oceanic climate cities
K De Bondt, F Seveno, G Petrucci, F Rodriguez, C Joannis, P Claeys
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 18, 119-142, 2018
New insights in dynamic modeling of a secondary settler—II. Dynamical analysis
JP Chancelier, MC De Lara, C Joannis, F Pacard
Water Research 31 (8), 1857-1866, 1997
Influent flow control to increase the pollution load treated during rainy periods
S Dauphin, C Joannis, A Deguin, G Bridoux, G Ruban, M Aumond
Water science and technology 37 (12), 131-139, 1998
Modeling activated sludge mass transfer in a treatment plant
C Joannis, M Aumond, S Dauphin, G Ruban, A Deguin, G Bridoux
Water science and technology 39 (4), 29-36, 1999
Assessment of total suspended solids (TSS) event load and its uncertainties in combined sewer system from continuous turbidity measurements
A Hannouche, C Joannis, G Chebbo
Urban Water Journal 14 (8), 789-796, 2017
Study of the shear stress in narrow channels: application to sewers
H Bonakdari, F Larrarte, C Joannis
Urban Water Journal 5 (1), 15-20, 2008
Mesure en continu de la turbidité sur un réseau séparatif eaux usées: mise en œuvre et premiers résultats
M Aumond, C Joannis
La Houille Blanche 92 (4), 121-128, 2006
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