Samuel Bockenhauer
Samuel Bockenhauer
U.S. Department of Energy
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Conformational dynamics of single G protein-coupled receptors in solution
S Bockenhauer, A Fürstenberg, XJ Yao, BK Kobilka, WE Moerner
The journal of physical chemistry B 115 (45), 13328-13338, 2011
Probing Single Biomolecules in Solution Using the Anti-Brownian Electrokinetic (ABEL) Trap
Q Wang, RH Goldsmith, Y Jiang, SD Bockenhauer, WE Moerner
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Coverage-dependent faceting of Au chains on Si (557)
I Barke, F Zheng, S Bockenhauer, K Sell, V Oeynhausen, ...
Physical Review B 79 (15), 155301, 2009
The regulatory switch of F1-ATPase studied by single-molecule FRET in the ABEL Trap
SD Bockenhauer, TM Duncan, WE Moerner, M Börsch
Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Superresolution Imaging VII 8950, 65-78, 2014
Single-molecule spectroscopy of photosynthetic proteins in solution: exploration of structure–function relationships
GS Schlau-Cohen, S Bockenhauer, Q Wang, WE Moerner
Chemical Science 5 (8), 2933-2939, 2014
Time-resolved tympanal mechanics of the locust
JFC Windmill, S Bockenhauer, D Robert
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 5 (29), 1435-1443, 2008
Photo-induced conformational flexibility in single solution-phase peridinin-chlorophyll-proteins
SD Bockenhauer, WE Moerner
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (35), 8399-8406, 2013
One-Dimensional Defect-Mediated Diffusion of Si Adatoms on the Surface
E Bussmann, S Bockenhauer, FJ Himpsel, BS Swartzentruber
Physical Review Letters 101 (26), 266101, 2008
Spectrally resolved anti-Brownian electrokinetic (ABEL) trapping of single peridinin-chlorophyll-proteins in solution
SD Bockenhauer, Q Wang, WE Moerner
Biophotonics: Photonic Solutions for Better Health Care III 8427, 754-762, 2012
A catalogue of absorption lines in eight Hubble Space Telescope/STIS E230M 1.0 < z < 1.7 quasar spectra
N Milutinović, T Misawa, RS Lynch, JR Masiero, C Palma, JC Charlton, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 382 (3), 1094-1104, 2007
Anti-Brownian ELectrokinetic (ABEL) trapping of single β2-adrenergic receptors in the absence and presence of agonist
S Bockenhauer, A Fuerstenberg, XJ Yao, BK Kobilka, WE Moerner
Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Superresolution Imaging V 8228, 20-35, 2012
Sensing Conformational Dynamics of Single Trapped Proteins in Solution
SD Bockenhauer
Stanford University, 2013
Optical Explorations of Single Biomolecules and Enzymes in Solution with an Anti-Brownian Electrokinetic Trap
WE Moerner, S Bockenhauer, R Goldsmith, Y Jiang, Q Wang
Frontiers in Optics, FTuE1, 2011
An FPGA-based Anti-Brownian Electrokinetic trap for studying single molecules in solution
Q Wang, A Fuerstenberg, S Bockenhauer, WE Moerner
Laser Science, LSTuF3, 2009
Anti-Brownian ELectrokinetic (ABEL) Trapping of Single High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Particles
S Bockenhauer, A Fürstenberg, Q Wang, M Bokoch, XJ Yao, B DeVree, ...
Laser Science, JWC16, 2009
On the surface, Si adatom diffusion is defect-mediated
E Bussmann, S Bockenhauer, FJ Himpsel, BS Swartzentruber
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 54, 2009
On the Si (111) 5x2-Au surface, Si adatom diffusion is defect-mediated
E Bussmann, S Bockenhauer, FJ Himpsel, BS Swartzentruber
APS March Meeting Abstracts, Q12. 008, 2009
Coverage-Dependent Faceting of Au Chains on Si (557)
FJ Himpsel, I Barke, F Zheng, S Bockenhauer, K Sell, VV Oeynhausen, ...
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Si Adatoms Atop the Si (111) 5x2-Au Surface Diffuse in One Dimension by a Defect-Mediated Hopover Process.
E Bussmann, BS Swartzentruber, S Bockenhauer, FJ Himpsel
Sandia National Lab.(SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States), 2008
The Locust's tympanal mechanics
JF Windmill, SD Bockenhauer, TR McDonagh, D Robert
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 123 (5), 3777-3777, 2008
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