Salvatore Cosentino
Salvatore Cosentino
CNR-IMM - University of Catania
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High-efficiency silicon-compatible photodetectors based on Ge quantum dots
S Cosentino, P Liu, ST Le, S Lee, D Paine, A Zaslavsky, D Pacifici, ...
Applied Physics Letters 98 (22), 221107, 2011
The role of the surfaces in the photon absorption in Ge nanoclusters embedded in silica
S Cosentino, S Mirabella, M Miritello, G Nicotra, R Lo Savio, F Simone, ...
Nanoscale research letters 6 (1), 1-7, 2011
Unravelling the nucleation mechanism of bimetallic nanoparticles with composition-tunable core–shell arrangement
TW Liao, A Yadav, KJ Hu, J van der Tol, S Cosentino, F D'Acapito, ...
Nanoscale 10 (14), 6684-6694, 2018
Transient photoresponse and incident power dependence of high-efficiency germanium quantum dot photodetectors
P Liu, S Cosentino, ST Le, S Lee, D Paine, A Zaslavsky, D Pacifici, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (8), 083103, 2012
Matrix role in Ge nanoclusters embedded in Si3N4 or SiO2
S Mirabella, S Cosentino, A Gentile, G Nicotra, N Piluso, LV Mercaldo, ...
Applied Physics Letters 101 (1), 011911, 2012
Room-temperature efficient light detection by amorphous Ge quantum wells
S Cosentino, M Miritello, I Crupi, G Nicotra, F Simone, C Spinella, ...
Nanoscale Research Letters 8 (1), 1-7, 2013
Size dependent light absorption modulation and enhanced carrier transport in germanium quantum dots devices
AT S. Cosentino, E. G. Barbagiovanni, I. Crupi, M. Miritello, G. Nicotra, C ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2014 doi:10.1016/j.solmat.2014.09.012, 2014
Light harvesting with Ge quantum dots embedded in SiO2 or Si3N4
SM Salvatore Cosentino, Emel Sungur Ozen, Rosario
journal of applied physics 115, 043103, 2014
A novel gas-phase mono and bimetallic clusters decorated Zno nanorods electrochemical sensor for 4-aminophenol detection
G Fiaschi, S Cosentino, R Pandey, S Mirabella, V Strano, L Maiolo, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 811, 89-95, 2018
Light absorption enhancement in closely packed Ge quantum dots
S Mirabella, S Cosentino, M Failla, M Miritello, G Nicotra, F Simone, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (19), 193105, 2013
The role of the interface in germanium quantum dots: when not only size matters for quantum confinement effects
S Cosentino, AM Mio, EG Barbagiovanni, R Raciti, R Bahariqushchi, ...
Nanoscale 7 (26), 11401-11408, 2015
High intrinsic activity of the oxygen evolution reaction in low-cost NiO nanowall electrocatalysts
S Cosentino, M Urso, G Torrisi, S Battiato, F Priolo, A Terrasi, S Mirabella
Materials Advances 1 (6), 1971-1979, 2020
Highly active oxygen evolution reaction model electrode based on supported gas-phase NiFe clusters
JAM Lisa Geerts, Salvatore Cosentino, Ting-Wei Liao, Anupam Yadav, Pin-Cheng ...
Catalysis Today, 1-9, 2019
Free carrier enhanced depletion in ZnO nanorods decorated with bimetallic AuPt nanoclusters
R Bahariqushchi, S Cosentino, M Scuderi, E Dumons, LP Tran-Huu-Hue, ...
Nanoscale 12 (37), 19213-19222, 2020
Role of Ge nanoclusters in the performance of photodetectors compatible with Si technology
S Cosentino, S Mirabella, P Liu, ST Le, M Miritello, S Lee, I Crupi, ...
Thin Solid Films 548, 551-555, 2013
Influence of interface potential on the effective mass in Ge nanostructures
EG Barbagiovanni, S Cosentino, DJ Lockwood, RN Costa Filho, A Terrasi, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (15), 154304, 2015
Role of AuxPt1–x Clusters in the Enhancement of the Electrochemical Activity of ZnO Nanorod Electrodes
S Cosentino, G Fiaschi, V Strano, K Hu, TW Liao, NM Hemed, A Yadav, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (29), 15644-15652, 2017
Light absorption in Ge nanoclusters embedded in SiO2: comparison between magnetron sputtering and sol–gel synthesis
S Cosentino, S Knebel, S Mirabella, S Gibilisco, F Simone, H Bracht, ...
Applied Physics A, 1-9, 2013
Structural, optical and electrical characterization of ITO films co-doped with Molybdenum
M Micali, S Cosentino, A Terrasi
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 221, 110904, 2021
Growth kinetics of colloidal Ge nanocrystals for light harvesters
S Cosentino, G Torrisi, R Raciti, M Zimbone, I Crupi, S Mirabella, A Terrasi
RSC advances 6 (44), 38454-38462, 2016
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