Maria Ignat
Maria Ignat
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New SnO2/MgAl-layered double hydroxide composites as photocatalysts for cationic dyes bleaching
E Dvininov, M Ignat, P Barvinschi, MA Smithers, E Popovici
Journal of Hazardous Materials 177 (1-3), 150-158, 2010
Novel rare earth (RE-La, Er, Sm) metal doped ZnO photocatalysts for degradation of Congo-Red dye: Synthesis, characterization and kinetic studies
P Pascariu, C Cojocaru, N Olaru, P Samoila, A Airinei, M Ignat, ...
Journal of environmental management 239, 225-234, 2019
Removal of heavy metal ions from multi-component aqueous solutions by eco-friendly and low-cost composite sorbents with anisotropic pores
D Humelnicu, MM Lazar, M Ignat, IA Dinu, ES Dragan, MV Dinu
Journal of hazardous materials 381, 120980, 2020
Textural property tuning of ordered mesoporous carbon obtained by glycerol conversion using SBA-15 silica as template
M Ignat, CJ Van Oers, J Vernimmen, M Mertens, S Potgieter-Vermaak, ...
Carbon 48 (5), 1609-1618, 2010
In vitro controlled release of antihypertensive drugs intercalated into unmodified SBA-15 and MgO modified SBA-15 matrices
IF Alexa, M Ignat, RF Popovici, D Timpu, E Popovici
International journal of pharmaceutics 436 (1-2), 111-119, 2012
Preparation and characterization of spinel-type MeFe2O4 (Me= Cu, Cd, Ni and Zn) for catalyst applications
N Rezlescu, E Rezlescu, PD Popa, E Popovici, C Doroftei, M Ignat
Materials Chemistry and Physics 137 (3), 922-927, 2013
Scandium substituted nickel–cobalt ferrite nanoparticles for catalyst applications
N Rezlescu, E Rezlescu, PD Popa, C Doroftei, M Ignat
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 158, 70-75, 2014
Some nanograined ferrites and perovskites for catalytic combustion of acetone at low temperature
N Rezlescu, E Rezlescu, PD Popa, C Doroftei, M Ignat
Ceramics International 41 (3), 4430-4437, 2015
Characterization and catalytic properties of some perovskites
N Rezlescu, E Rezlescu, PD Popa, C Doroftei, M Ignat
Composites Part B: Engineering 60, 515-522, 2014
TiO2-coated mesoporous carbon: Conventional vs. microwave-annealing process
C Coromelci-Pastravanu, M Ignat, E Popovici, V Harabagiu
Journal of hazardous materials 278, 382-390, 2014
Comparative study between catalyst properties of simple spinel ferrite powders prepared by self-combustion route
N Rezlescu, E Rezlescu, PD Popa, C Doroftei, M Ignat
Romanian Reports in Physics 65 (4), 1348-1356, 2013
Nanostructured GdAlO3 perovskite, a new possible catalyst for combustion of volatile organic compounds
N Rezlescu, E Rezlescu, PD Popa, C Doroftei, M Ignat
Journal of Materials Science 48, 4297-4304, 2013
Partial substitution of manganese with cerium in SrMnO3 nano-perovskite catalyst. Effect of the modification on the catalytic combustion of dilute acetone
N Rezlescu, E Rezlescu, PD Popa, C Doroftei, M Ignat
Materials Chemistry and Physics 182, 332-337, 2016
Mesoporous cerium-doped titania for the photocatalytic removal of persistent dyes
D Lutic, D Petrovschi, M Ignat, I Creţescu, G Bulai
Catalysis Today 306, 300-309, 2018
A comparative study on long-term MTX controlled release from intercalated nanocomposites for nanomedicine applications
IF Alexa, CG Pastravanu, M Ignat, E Popovici
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 106, 135-139, 2013
Novel synthesis route for chitosan-coated zinc ferrite nanoparticles as potential sorbents for wastewater treatment
M Ignat, P Samoila, C Cojocaru, L Sacarescu, V Harabagiu
Chemical Engineering Communications 203 (12), 1591-1599, 2016
Superadsorbents for strontium and cesium removal enriched in amidoxime by a homo-IPN strategy connected with porous silica texture
ES Dragan, D Humelnicu, M Ignat, CD Varganici
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (40), 44622-44638, 2020
Development of a prolonged-release drug delivery system with magnolol loaded in amino-functionalized mesoporous silica
A Stefanache, M Ignat, CA Peptu, A Diaconu, I Stoleriu, L Ochiuz
Applied Sciences 7 (3), 237, 2017
Goethite nanorods as a cheap and effective filler for siloxane nanocomposite elastomers
M Iacob, G Stiubianu, C Tugui, L Ursu, M Ignat, C Turta, M Cazacu
RSC Advances 5 (56), 45439-45445, 2015
A Comparative Study on Cu2+, Zn2+, Ni2+, Fe3+, and Cr3+ Metal Ions Removal from Industrial Wastewaters by Chitosan-Based Composite Cryogels
D Humelnicu, ES Dragan, M Ignat, MV Dinu
Molecules 25 (11), 2664, 2020
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