Lance Dalleck
Lance Dalleck
Professor of Exercise and Sport Science, Western State Colorado University
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The impact of high-intensity interval training versus moderate-intensity continuous training on vascular function: a systematic review and meta-analysis
JS Ramos, LC Dalleck, AE Tjonna, KS Beetham, JS Coombes
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Graded exercise testing protocols for the determination of VO2max: historical perspectives, progress, and future considerations
NM Beltz, AL Gibson, JM Janot, L Kravitz, CM Mermier, LC Dalleck
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Effect of functional resistance training on muscular fitness outcomes in young adults
T Weiss, J Kreitinger, H Wilde, C Wiora, M Steege, L Dalleck, J Janot
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The history of fitness: From primitive to present times, how fitness has evolved and come of age
LC Dalleck, L Kravitz
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The cardiovascular and metabolic responses to Wii Fit video game playing in middle-aged and older adults.
B Guderian, LA Borreson, LE Sletten, K Cable, TP Stecker, MA Probst, ...
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Elucidating determinants of the plateau in oxygen consumption at o2max
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A mHealth cardiac rehabilitation exercise intervention: findings from content development studies
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Is a threshold-based model a superior method to the relative percent concept for establishing individual exercise intensity? a randomized controlled trial
AE Wolpern, DJ Burgos, JM Janot, LC Dalleck
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Dose-response relationship between moderate-intensity exercise duration and coronary heart disease risk factors in postmenopausal women
LC Dalleck, BA Allen, BA Hanson, EC Borresen, ME Erickson, SL De Lap
Journal of women's health 18 (1), 105-113, 2009
Validity of 3 protocols for verifying VO2max
JM Kirkeberg, LC Dalleck, CS Kamphoff, RW Pettitt
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Supramaximal testing to confirm attainment of VO2max in sedentary men and women
TA Astorino, AC White, LC Dalleck
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Cardiovascular responses to music tempo during steady-state exercise
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Is moderate intensity exercise training combined with high intensity interval training more effective at improving cardiorespiratory fitness than moderate intensity exercise …
BH Roxburgh, PB Nolan, RM Weatherwax, LC Dalleck
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Multiple off-ice performance variables predict on-ice skating performance in male and female division III ice hockey players
JM Janot, NM Beltz, LD Dalleck
Journal of sports science & medicine 14 (3), 522, 2015
Cardiac rehabilitation outcomes in a conventional versus telemedicine-based programme
LC Dalleck, LK Schmidt, R Lueker
Journal of telemedicine and telecare 17 (5), 217-221, 2011
The prevalence of metabolic syndrome and metabolic syndrome risk factors in college-aged students
LC Dalleck, EM Kjelland
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Beneficial effects of clinical exercise rehabilitation for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
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Maximal exercise testing using the elliptical cross-trainer and treadmill
LC Dalleck, L Kravitz, RA Robergs
Journal of Exercise Physiology online 7 (3), 94-101, 2004
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