Valery Kalyagin
Valery Kalyagin
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Higher-order three-term recurrences and asymptotics of multiple orthogonal polynomials
AI Aptekarev, VA Kalyagin, EB Saff
Constructive Approximation 30 (2), 175-223, 2009
The genetic sums' representation for the moments of a system of Stieltjes functions and its application
A Aptekarev, V Kaliaguine, J Van Iseghem
Constructive approximation 16 (4), 487-524, 2000
On a tertian class of polynomials defined by two orthogonality relations
VA Kalyagin
Mat. Sb., Ii0, 609-627, 1979
Hermite–Padé approximants and spectral analysis of nonsymmetric operators
VA Kalyagin
Matematicheskii Sbornik 185 (6), 79-100, 1994
On an system of “classical” polynomials of simultaneous orthogonality
V Kaliaguine, A Ronveaux
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 67 (2), 207-217, 1996
Criterion for the resolvent set of nonsymmetric tridiagonal operators
AI Aptekarev, V Kaliaguine, W Van Assche
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 123 (8), 2423-2430, 1995
The diagonal of the Padé table and the approximation of the Weyl function of second-order difference operators
B Beckermann, V Kaliaguine
Constructive approximation 13 (4), 481-510, 1997
Social threshold aggregations
FT Aleskerov, VV Chistyakov, VA Kalyagin
Social Choice and Welfare 35 (4), 627-646, 2010
Network approach for the Russian stock market
A Vizgunov, B Goldengorin, V Kalyagin, A Koldanov, P Koldanov, ...
Computational Management Science 11 (1-2), 45-55, 2014
Statistical procedures for the market graph construction
AP Koldanov, PA Koldanov, VA Kalyagin, PM Pardalos
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 68, 17-29, 2013
Equilibrium problems for vector potentials with semidefinite interaction matrices and constrained masses
B Beckermann, V Kalyagin, AC Matos, F Wielonsky
Constructive Approximation 37 (1), 101-134, 2013
The threshold aggregation
F Aleskerov, VV Chistyakov, V Kalyagin
Economics Letters 107 (2), 261-262, 2010
The operator moment problem, vector continued fractions and an explicit form of the Favard theorem for vector orthogonal polynomials
V Kaliaguine
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 65 (1-3), 181-193, 1995
A note on the asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials on a complex arc: the case of a measure with a discrete part
VA Kaliaguine
Journal of Approximation Theory 80 (1), 138-145, 1995
On asymptotics of Lp extremal polynomials on a complex curve (0< p<∞)
VA Kaliaguine
Journal of approximation theory 74 (2), 226-236, 1993
On the limit behavior of recurrence coefficients for multiple orthogonal polynomials
AI Aptekarev, V Kalyagin, G López Lagomasino, I Álvarez Rocha
Elsevier, 2006
Equilibrium of vector potentials and uniformization of the algebraic curves of genus 0
AI Aptekarev, VA Kalyagin, VG Lysov, DN Toulyakov
Journal of computational and applied mathematics 233 (3), 602-616, 2009
Complex rational approximation and difference operators
AI Aptekarev, V Kaliaguine
Rend. Circ. Matem. Palermo, Ser. II, suppl 52, 3-21, 1998
Simple measure of similarity for the market graph construction
GA Bautin, VA Kalyagin, AP Koldanov, PA Koldanov, PM Pardalos
Computational Management Science 10 (2-3), 105-124, 2013
How well does the Hermite-Pad approximation smooth the Gibbs phenomenon?
B Beckermann, V Kalyagin, A C. Matos, F Wielonsky
Mathematics of Computation 80 (274), 931, 2010
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