Nail Fatkullin
Nail Fatkullin
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Polymer chain dynamics and NMR
R Kimmich, N Fatkullin
NMR• 3D Analysis• Photopolymerization, 1-113, 2004
Molecular diffusion on a time scale between nano-and milliseconds probed by field-cycling NMR relaxometry of intermolecular dipolar interactions: Application to polymer melts
M Kehr, N Fatkullin, R Kimmich
The Journal of chemical physics 126 (9), 094903, 2007
Nuclear spin‐lattice relaxation dispersion and segment diffusion in entangled polymers. Renormalized Rouse formalism
N Fatkullin, R Kimmich
The Journal of chemical physics 101 (1), 822-832, 1994
Chain dynamics in entangled polymers: Power laws of the proton and deuteron spin-lattice relaxation dispersions
R Kimmich, N Fatkullin, RO Seitter, K Gille
The Journal of chemical physics 108 (5), 2173-2177, 1998
Geometrical restrictions of water diffusion in aqueous protein systems. A study using NMR field-gradient techniques
R Kimmich, F Klammler, VD Skirda, IA Serebrennikova, AI Maklakov, ...
Applied Magnetic Resonance 4 (4), 425-440, 1993
Theory of field-gradient NMR diffusometry of polymer segment displacements in the tube-reptation model
N Fatkullin, R Kimmich
Physical Review E 52 (3), 3273, 1995
The dipolar-correlation effect on the stimulated echo. Application to polymer melts
R Kimmich, E Fischer, P Callaghan, N Fatkullin
Journal of Magnetic Resonance, Series A 117 (1), 53-61, 1995
Field-cycling NMR relaxometry of polymers confined to artificial tubes: verification of the exponent 3/4 in the spin–lattice relaxation dispersion predicted by the reptation model
R Kimmich, RO Seitter, U Beginn, M Möller, N Fatkullin
Chemical physics letters 307 (3-4), 147-152, 1999
Self-diffusion studies by intra-and inter-molecular spin-lattice relaxometry using field-cycling: Liquids, plastic crystals, porous media, and polymer segments
R Kimmich, N Fatkullin
Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 101, 18-50, 2017
Segment diffusion in polymers confined in nanopores: A fringe-field NMR diffusometry study
E Fischer, R Kimmich, U Beginn, M Möller, N Fatkullin
Physical Review E 59 (4), 4079, 1999
Spin diffusion in melts of entangled polymers
E Fischer, R Kimmich, N Fatkullin
The Journal of chemical physics 106 (23), 9883-9888, 1997
Deuteron and proton spin-lattice relaxation dispersion of polymer melts: Intrasegment, intrachain, and interchain contributions
M Kehr, N Fatkullin, R Kimmich
The Journal of chemical physics 127 (8), 084911, 2007
Self-diffusion in polymer solutions and melts
AI Maklakov, VD Skirda, NF Fatkullin
Kazan Univ, Kazan (in Russian), 1987
Mean Square Displacement and Reorientational Correlation Function in Entangled Polymer Melts Revealed by Field Cycling 1H and 2H NMR Relaxometry
A Herrmann, B Kresse, M Wohlfahrt, I Bauer, AF Privalov, D Kruk, ...
Macromolecules 45 (16), 6516-6526, 2012
The confined-to-bulk dynamics transition of polymer melts in nanoscopic pores of solid matrices with varying pore diameter
N Fatkullin, R Kimmich, E Fischer, C Mattea, U Beginn, M Kroutieva
New Journal of Physics 6 (1), 46, 2004
Spin-lattice relaxation of polymers: the memory-function formalism
N Fatkullin, R Kimmich, HW Weber
Physical Review E 47 (6), 4600, 1993
Lévy walks of strong adsorbates on surfaces: Computer simulation and spin-lattice relaxation
R Valiullin, R Kimmich, N Fatkullin
Physical Review E 56 (4), 4371, 1997
Vysokomol. soyed
A26 2502 (1.984), 1984
The twice-renormalized Rouse formalism of polymer dynamics: Segment diffusion, terminal relaxation, and nuclear spin-lattice relaxation
NF Fatkullin, R Kimmich, M Kroutieva
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 91 (1), 150-166, 2000
NMR field gradient diffusometry of segment displacements in melts of entangled polymers
E Fischer, R Kimmich, N Fatkullin
The Journal of chemical physics 104 (22), 9174-9178, 1996
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