Lisitsyn NA
Lisitsyn NA
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Cloning the differences between two complex genomes
N Lisitsyn, N Lisitsyn, M Wigler
Science 259 (5097), 946-951, 1993
Comparative genomic analysis of tumors: detection of DNA losses and amplification.
NA Lisitsyn, NM Lisitsina, G Dalbagni, P Barker, CA Sanchez, J Gnarra, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 92 (1), 151-155, 1995
Evaluation of the FHIT Gene in Colorectal Cancers
S Thiagalingam, NA Lisitsyn, M Hamaguchi, MH Wigler, JKV Willson, ...
Cancer research 56 (13), 2936-2939, 1996
Direct isolation of polymorphic markers linked to a trait by genetically directed representational difference analysis
NA Lisitsyn, JA Segre, K Kusumi, NM Lisitsyn, JH Nadeau, WN Frankel, ...
Nature genetics 6 (1), 57-63, 1994
Representational difference analysis: finding the differences between genomes
NA Lisitsyn
Trends in Genetics 11 (8), 303-307, 1995
Homozygous deletion of the death receptor DR4 gene in a nasopharyngeal cancer cell line is associated with TRAIL resistance.
N Ozören, MJ Fisher, K Kim, CX Liu, A Genin, Y Shifman, DT Dicker, ...
International journal of oncology 16 (5), 917-942, 2000
LRP-DIT, a putative endocytic receptor gene, is frequently inactivated in non-small cell lung cancer cell lines
CX Liu, S Musco, NM Lisitsina, E Forgacs, JD Minna, NA Lisitsyn
Cancer research 60 (7), 1961-1967, 2000
[19] Representational difference analysis in detection of genetic lesions in cancer
N Lisitsyn, M Wigler
Methods in enzymology 254, 291-304, 1995
Genomic organization of a new candidate tumor suppressor gene, LRP1B
CX Liu, S Musco, NM Lisitsina, SY Yaklichkin, NA Lisitsyn
Genomics 69 (2), 271-274, 2000
Methods for producing probes capable of distingushing variant genomic sequences
M Wigler, N Lisitsyn
US Patent 5,436,142, 1995
Methods for producing probes capable of distinguishing DNA from related sources
M Wigler, N Lisitsyn
US Patent 5,501,964, 1996
Representational approach to DNA analysis
M Wigler, N Lisitsyn
US Patent 6,277,606, 2001
Mouse Y-specific repeats isolated by whole chromosome representational difference analysis
A Navin, R Prekeris, NA Lisitsyn, MM Sonti, DA Grieco, S Narayanswami, ...
Genomics 36 (2), 349-353, 1996
Representational approach to DNA analysis
M Wigler, N Lisitsyn
US Patent 5,876,929, 1999
Enteric alpha defensins in norm and pathology
NA Lisitsyn, YA Bukurova, IG Nikitina, GS Krasnov, Y Sykulev, ...
Annals of clinical microbiology and antimicrobials 11 (1), 1-6, 2012
Representational approach to DNA analysis
M Wigler, N Lisitsyn
US Patent App. 09/935,367, 2004
Expression of long non-coding RNA LINC00973 is consistently increased upon treatment of colon cancer cells with different chemotherapeutic drugs
OL Zinovieva, EN Grineva, MM Prokofjeva, DS Karpov, AO Zheltukhin, ...
Biochimie 151, 67-72, 2018
Expression of cyclophilin A in gastric adenocarcinoma patients and its inverse association with local relapses and distant metastasis
ES Grigoryeva, NV Cherdyntseva, MS Karbyshev, VV Volkomorov, ...
Pathology & Oncology Research 20 (2), 467-473, 2014
Detection of genetic loss in tumors by representational difference analysis
NA Lisitsyn, FS Leach, B Vogelstein, MH Wigler
Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology 59, 585-587, 1994
Search for potential gastric cancer markers using miRNA databases and gene expression analysis
V Volkomorov, E Grigoryeva, G Krasnov, N Litviakov, M Tsyganov, ...
Experimental oncology, 2013
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