Carmelina Ruggiero
Carmelina Ruggiero
Professore di Bioingegneria
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Activation of olfactory cortex in newborn infants after odor stimulation: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study
M Bartocci, JAN Winberg, C Ruggiero, LL Bergqvist, G Serra, ...
Pediatric Research 48 (1), 18-23, 2000
Home telecare
C Ruggiero, R Sacile, M Giacomini
Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 5 (1), 11-17, 1999
Automated systems for identification of heterotrophic marine bacteria on the basis of their fatty acid composition
S Bertone, M Giacomini, C Ruggiero, C Piccarolo, L Calegari
Applied and environmental microbiology 62 (6), 2122-2132, 1996
Teleradiology: a review
C Ruggiero
Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 4 (1), 25-35, 1998
How a discontinuous mechanism can produce continuous patterns in trajectory formation and handwriting
P Morasso, FAM Ivaldi, C Ruggiero
Acta Psychologica 54 (1-3), 83-98, 1983
Nanoengineered polymeric S-layers based capsules with targeting activity
N Habibi, L Pastorino, FC Soumetz, F Sbrana, R Raiteri, C Ruggiero
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 88 (1), 366-372, 2011
BEAMS (BEAds Modelling System): a set of computer programs for the generation, the visualization and the computation of the hydrodynamic and conformational properties of bead …
B Spotorno, L Piccinini, G Tassara, C Ruggiero, M Nardini, F Molina, ...
European biophysics journal 25 (5), 373-384, 1997
Collagen containing microcapsules: Smart containers for disease controlled therapy
L Pastorino, S Erokhina, FC Soumetz, P Bianchini, O Konovalov, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 357 (1), 56-62, 2011
Oriented collagen nanocoatings for tissue engineering
L Pastorino, E Dellacasa, S Scaglione, M Giulianelli, F Sbrana, M Vassalli, ...
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 114, 372-378, 2014
Adhesion and proliferation of osteoblast-like cells on anodic porous alumina substrates with different morphology
M Salerno, F Caneva-Soumetz, L Pastorino, N Patra, A Diaspro, ...
IEEE transactions on nanobioscience 12 (2), 106-111, 2013
Artificial neural network based identification of environmental bacteria by gas-chromatographic and electrophoretic data
M Giacomini, C Ruggiero, L Calegari, S Bertone
Journal of Microbiological Methods 43 (1), 45-54, 2000
Chitosan/dextran multilayer microcapsules for polyphenol co-delivery
M Paini, B Aliakbarian, AA Casazza, P Perego, C Ruggiero, L Pastorino
Materials Science and Engineering: C 46, 374-380, 2015
Development of a piezoelectric immunosensor for the measurement of paclitaxel
L Pastorino, FC Soumetz, M Giacomini, C Ruggiero
Journal of immunological methods 313 (1-2), 191-198, 2006
Paclitaxel-containing nano-engineered polymeric capsules towards cancer therapy
L Pastorino, S Erokhina, F Caneva-Soumetz, C Ruggiero
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 9 (11), 6753-6759, 2009
Optimizing texture modified foods for oro-pharyngeal dysphagia: a difficult but possible target?
SG Sukkar, N Maggi, B Travalca Cupillo, C Ruggiero
Frontiers in nutrition 5, 68, 2018
Nanofunctionalisation for the treatment of peripheral nervous system injuries
L Pastorino, FC Soumetz, C Ruggiero
IEE Proceedings-Nanobiotechnology 153 (2), 16-20, 2006
Human osteoblast‐like cells response to nanofunctionalized surfaces for tissue engineering
FC Soumetz, L Pastorino, C Ruggiero
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 84 (1 …, 2008
Release kinetics of gold nanoparticles from collagen microcapsules by total reflection X-ray fluorescence
S Erokhina, O Konovalov, P Bianchini, A Diaspro, C Ruggiero, V Erokhin, ...
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 417, 83-88, 2013
Artificial neural network identification of heterotrophic marine bacteria based on their fatty-acid composition
M Giacomini, C Ruggiero, S Bertone, L Calegari
IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering 44 (12), 1185-1191, 1997
BREASTCAN: an expert system for postoperative breast cancer therapy
S Gaglio, C Ruggiero, G Spinelli, G Bonadonna, P Valagussa, C Nicolini
Computers and Biomedical Research 19 (5), 445-461, 1986
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