Michael Blomgren
Michael Blomgren
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Acoustic, aerodynamic, physiologic, and perceptual properties of modal and vocal fry registers
M Blomgren, Y Chen, ML Ng, HR Gilbert
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Intensive stuttering modification therapy
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M Blomgren
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An evaluation of the effects of three laryngeal lubricants on phonation threshold pressure (PTP)
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Fundamental frequency change during offset and onset of voicing in individuals with Parkinson disease
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Analysis of F2 transitions in the speech of stutterers and nonstutterers
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Exploratory randomized clinical study of pagoclone in persistent developmental stuttering: the EXamining Pagoclone for peRsistent dEvelopmental Stuttering Study
G Maguire, D Franklin, NG Vatakis, E Morgenshtern, T Denko, JS Yaruss, ...
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A note on vowel centralization in stuttering and nonstuttering individuals
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Stuttering treatment for adults: An update on contemporary approaches
M Blomgren
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Preliminary results of a functional MRI study of brain activation patterns in stuttering and nonstuttering speakers during a lexical access task
M Blomgren, SS Nagarajan, JN Lee, T Li, L Alvord
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Revisiting speech rate and utterance length manipulations in stuttering speakers
M Blomgren, AM Goberman
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The frequency of simultaneous disfluency and phonological errors in children: A preliminary investigation
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Discrimination and internalised feelings experienced by people who stutter in Jordan
M Alqhazo, M Blomgren, N Roy, M Abu Awwad
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A description of phonetic, acoustic, and physiological changes associated with improved intelligibility in a speaker with spastic dysarthria
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Exploring the neural bases of primary muscle tension dysphonia: a case study using functional magnetic resonance imaging
N Roy, M Dietrich, M Blomgren, A Heller, DR Houtz, J Lee
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Formant transitions in the fluent speech of Farsi-speaking people who stutter
A Dehqan, F Yadegari, M Blomgren, RC Scherer
Journal of Fluency Disorders 48, 1-15, 2016
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