George Papaioannou
George Papaioannou
University of Athens, Solid State Physics Section
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Temperature study of the dielectric polarization effects of capacitive RF MEMS switches
G Papaioannou, MN Exarchos, V Theonas, G Wang, J Papapolymerou
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 53 (11), 3467-3473, 2005
Dielectric charging in silicon nitride films for MEMS capacitive switches: Effect of film thickness and deposition conditions
U Zaghloul, G Papaioannou, F Coccetti, P Pons, R Plana
Microelectronics Reliability 49 (9-11), 1309-1314, 2009
Voltage and temperature effect on dielectric charging for RF-MEMS capacitive switches reliability investigation
M Lamhamdi, P Pons, U Zaghloul, L Boudou, F Coccetti, J Guastavino, ...
Microelectronics Reliability 48 (8-9), 1248-1252, 2008
On the reliability of electrostatic NEMS/MEMS devices: Review of present knowledge on the dielectric charging and stiction failure mechanisms and novel characterization …
U Zaghloul, G Papaioannou, B Bhushan, F Coccetti, P Pons, R Plana
Microelectronics Reliability 51 (9-11), 1810-1818, 2011
Structure dependent charging process in RF MEMS capacitive switches
E Papandreou, M Lamhamdi, CM Skoulikidou, P Pons, G Papaioannou, ...
Microelectronics Reliability 47 (9-11), 1812-1817, 2007
Effect of deposition conditions on charging processes in SiNx: Application to RF-MEMS capacitive switches
R Daigler, E Papandreou, M Koutsoureli, G Papaioannou, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 86 (3), 404-407, 2009
Dielectric charging in radio frequency microelectromechanical system capacitive switches: A study of material properties and device performance
G Papaioannou, J Papapolymerou, P Pons, R Plana
Applied Physics Letters 90 (23), 233507, 2007
On the influence of environment gases, relative humidity and gas purification on dielectric charging/discharging processes in electrostatically driven MEMS/NEMS devices
U Zaghloul, B Bhushan, P Pons, GJ Papaioannou, F Coccetti, R Plana
Nanotechnology 22 (3), 035705, 2010
A systematic reliability investigation of the dielectric charging process in electrostatically actuated MEMS based on Kelvin probe force microscopy
U Zaghloul, GJ Papaioannou, F Coccetti, P Pons, R Plana
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 20 (6), 064016, 2010
Kelvin probe microscopy for reliability investigation of RF-MEMS capacitive switches
A Belarni, M Lamhamdi, P Pons, L Boudou, J Guastavino, Y Segui, ...
Microelectronics Reliability 48 (8-9), 1232-1236, 2008
Contactless dielectric charging mechanisms in RF-MEMS capacitive switches
GJ Papaioannou, G Wang, D Bessas, J Papapolymerou
2006 European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference, 513-516, 2006
On the modeling of dielectric charging in RF-MEMS capacitive switches
G Papaioannou, F Coccetti, R Plana
2010 Topical Meeting on Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems …, 2010
Assessment of dielectric charging in electrostatically driven MEMS devices: A comparison of available characterization techniques
U Zaghloul, M Koutsoureli, H Wang, F Coccetti, G Papaioannou, P Pons, ...
Microelectronics Reliability 50 (9-11), 1615-1620, 2010
The operating performance of firms that switch their stock listings
GJ Papaioannou, NG Travlos, KG Viswanathan
Journal of Financial Research 26 (4), 469-486, 2003
Effect of space charge polarization in radio frequency microelectromechanical system capacitive switch dielectric charging
GJ Papaioannou, M Exarchos, V Theonas, J Psychias, G Konstantinidis, ...
Applied Physics Letters 89 (10), 103512, 2006
ESD failure signature in capacitive RF MEMS switches
J Ruan, GJ Papaioannou, N Nolhier, N Mauran, M Bafleur, F Coccetti, ...
Microelectronics reliability 48 (8-9), 1237-1240, 2008
Investigation of charging mechanisms in Metal-Insulator-Metal structures
M Exarchos, V Theonas, P Pons, GJ Papaioannou, S Melle, D Dubuc, ...
Microelectronics Reliability 45 (9-11), 1782-1785, 2005
A study of field emission process in electrostatically actuated MEMS switches
L Michalas, A Garg, A Venkattraman, M Koutsoureli, A Alexeenko, ...
Microelectronics Reliability 52 (9-10), 2267-2271, 2012
Nanoscale characterization of different stiction mechanisms in electrostatically driven MEMS devices based on adhesion and friction measurements
U Zaghloul, B Bhushan, P Pons, GJ Papaioannou, F Coccetti, R Plana
Journal of colloid and interface science 358 (1), 1-13, 2011
Nanoscale characterization of the dielectric charging phenomenon in PECVD silicon nitride thin films with various interfacial structures based on Kelvin probe force microscopy
U Zaghloul, GJ Papaioannou, H Wang, B Bhushan, F Coccetti, P Pons, ...
Nanotechnology 22 (20), 205708, 2011
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