Andrey V. Emelyanov
Andrey V. Emelyanov
National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute"
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Hardware elementary perceptron based on polyaniline memristive devices
VA Demin, VV Erokhin, AV Emelyanov, S Battistoni, G Baldi, S Iannotta, ...
Organic Electronics 25, 16-20, 2015
First steps towards the realization of a double layer perceptron based on organic memristive devices
AV Emelyanov, DA Lapkin, VA Demin, VV Erokhin, S Battistoni, G Baldi, ...
Aip Advances 6 (11), 111301, 2016
Effect of the femtosecond laser treatment of hydrogenated amorphous silicon films on their structural, optical, and photoelectric properties
AV Emelyanov, AG Kazanskii, PK Kashkarov, OI Konkov, EI Terukov, ...
Semiconductors 46 (6), 749-754, 2012
Visible luminescence from hydrogenated amorphous silicon modified by femtosecond laser radiation
AV Emelyanov, AG Kazanskii, MV Khenkin, PA Forsh, PK Kashkarov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 101, 081902, 2012
Femtosecond laser induced crystallization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon for photovoltaic applications
AV Emelyanov, MV Khenkin, AG Kazanskii, PA Forsh, PK Kashkarov, ...
Thin Solid Films 556, 410-413, 2014
Polyaniline-based memristive microdevice with high switching rate and endurance
DA Lapkin, AV Emelyanov, VA Demin, VV Erokhin, LA Feigin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 112 (4), 043302, 2018
Transport, Magnetic, and Memristive Properties of a Nanogranular (CoFeB)x(LiNbOy)100–x Composite Material
VV Rylkov, SN Nikolaev, VA Demin, AV Emelyanov, AV Sitnikov, ...
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 126 (3), 353-367, 2018
Parylene based memristive devices with multilevel resistive switching for neuromorphic applications
AA Minnekhanov, AV Emelyanov, DA Lapkin, KE Nikiruy, BS Shvetsov, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-9, 2019
Yttria-stabilized zirconia cross-point memristive devices for neuromorphic applications
AV Emelyanov, KE Nikiruy, VA Demin, VV Rylkov, AI Belov, DS Korolev, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 215, 110988, 2019
Features of the structure and defect states in hydrogenated polymorphous silicon films
AV Emelyanov, EA Konstantinova, PA Forsh, AG Kazanskii, MV Khenkin, ...
JETP letters 97 (8), 466-469, 2013
Spike-timing-dependent plasticity of polyaniline-based memristive element
DA Lapkin, AV Emelyanov, VA Demin, TS Berzina, VV Erokhin
Microelectronic Engineering 185, 43-47, 2018
Properties of granular (CoFeB) x (Al2O3) 100-x and (CoFeB) x (LiNbO3) 100-x nanocomposites: Manifestation of superferromagnetic ordering effects
VV Rylkov, AV Sitnikov, SN Nikolaev, VA Demin, AN Taldenkov, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 459, 197-201, 2018
Photoluminescence features of hydrogenated silicon films with amorphous/nanocrystalline mixed phase
AV Emelyanov, AG Kazanskii, PA Forsh, DM Zhigunov, MV Khenkin, ...
Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics 10 (5), 649-652, 2015
A precise algorithm of memristor switching to a state with preset resistance
KE Nikiruy, AV Emelyanov, VA Demin, VV Rylkov, AV Sitnikov, ...
Technical Physics Letters 44 (5), 416-419, 2018
Influence of the fabrication conditions of polymorphous silicon films on their structural, electrical and optical properties
MV Khenkin, AV Emelyanov, AG Kazanskii, PA Forsh, PK Kashkarov, ...
Semiconductors 47 (9), 1271-1274, 2013
Dopamine-like STDP modulation in nanocomposite memristors
KE Nikiruy, AV Emelyanov, VA Demin, AV Sitnikov, AA Minnekhanov, ...
AIP Advances 9 (6), 065116, 2019
Solvothermal synthesis of Sm3 +-doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles
AVS T.A. Lastovina, A.P. Budnyk, E.A. Kudryavtsev, A.V. Nikolsky, A.T ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 80, 110-116, 2017
Organic memristive device based on polyaniline film prepared by spin coating
DA Lapkin, AN Korovin, VA Demin, AV Emelyanov, SN Chvalun
BioNanoScience 5 (3), 181-184, 2015
Photoluminescence study of the structural evolution of amorphous and crystalline silicon nanoclusters during the thermal annealing of silicon suboxide films with different …
DM Zhigunov, NV Shvydun, AV Emelyanov, VY Timoshenko, ...
Semiconductors 46 (3), 354-359, 2012
Adaptive properties of spiking neuromorphic networks with synapses based on memristive elements
KE Nikiruy, AV Emelyanov, VV Rylkov, AV Sitnikov, VA Demin
Technical Physics Letters 45 (4), 386-390, 2019
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