Meni Wanunu
Meni Wanunu
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The potential and challenges of nanopore sequencing
D Branton, DW Deamer, A Marziali, H Bayley, SA Benner, T Butler, ...
Nanoscience and technology: A collection of reviews from Nature Journals …, 2010
DNA translocation through graphene nanopores
CA Merchant, K Healy, M Wanunu, V Ray, N Peterman, J Bartel, ...
Nano letters 10 (8), 2915-2921, 2010
Electrostatic focusing of unlabelled DNA into nanoscale pores using a salt gradient
M Wanunu, W Morrison, Y Rabin, AY Grosberg, A Meller
Nature nanotechnology 5 (2), 160-165, 2010
Rapid electronic detection of probe-specific microRNAs using thin nanopore sensors
M Wanunu, T Dadosh, V Ray, J Jin, L McReynolds, M Drndić
Nature nanotechnology 5 (11), 807-814, 2010
Nanopores: A journey towards DNA sequencing
M Wanunu
Physics of life reviews 9 (2), 125-158, 2012
DNA translocation governed by interactions with solid-state nanopores
M Wanunu, J Sutin, B McNally, A Chow, A Meller
Biophysical journal 95 (10), 4716-4725, 2008
Rapid fabrication of uniformly sized nanopores and nanopore arrays for parallel DNA analysis
MJ Kim, M Wanunu, DC Bell, A Meller
Advanced materials 18 (23), 3149-3153, 2006
Integrated nanopore sensing platform with sub-microsecond temporal resolution
JK Rosenstein, M Wanunu, CA Merchant, M Drndic, KL Shepard
Nature methods 9 (5), 487-492, 2012
Chemically modified solid-state nanopores
M Wanunu, A Meller
Nano letters 7 (6), 1580-1585, 2007
Enhanced water permeability and tunable ion selectivity in subnanometer carbon nanotube porins
RH Tunuguntla, RY Henley, YC Yao, TA Pham, M Wanunu, A Noy
Science 357 (6353), 792-796, 2017
High-bandwidth protein analysis using solid-state nanopores
J Larkin, RY Henley, M Muthukumar, JK Rosenstein, M Wanunu
Biophysical journal 106 (3), 696-704, 2014
Nanopore based sequence specific detection of duplex DNA for genomic profiling
A Singer, M Wanunu, W Morrison, H Kuhn, M Frank-Kamenetskii, A Meller
Nano letters 10 (2), 738-742, 2010
Discrimination of methylcytosine from hydroxymethylcytosine in DNA molecules
M Wanunu, D Cohen-Karni, RR Johnson, L Fields, J Benner, N Peterman, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (3), 486-492, 2011
Slow DNA transport through nanopores in hafnium oxide membranes
J Larkin, R Henley, DC Bell, T Cohen-Karni, JK Rosenstein, M Wanunu
ACS nano 7 (11), 10121-10128, 2013
Nanopore-based measurements of protein size, fluctuations, and conformational changes
P Waduge, R Hu, P Bandarkar, H Yamazaki, B Cressiot, Q Zhao, ...
ACS nano 11 (6), 5706-5716, 2017
Assembling 2D MXenes into highly stable pseudocapacitive electrodes with high power and energy densities
A VahidMohammadi, M Mojtabavi, NM Caffrey, M Wanunu, M Beidaghi
Advanced Materials 31 (8), 1806931, 2019
DNA profiling using solid-state nanopores: detection of DNA-binding molecules
M Wanunu, J Sutin, A Meller
Nano letters 9 (10), 3498-3502, 2009
Coordination-based gold nanoparticle layers
M Wanunu, R Popovitz-Biro, H Cohen, A Vaskevich, I Rubinstein
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (25), 9207-9215, 2005
Electromechanical unzipping of individual DNA molecules using synthetic sub-2 nm pores
B McNally, M Wanunu, A Meller
Nano letters 8 (10), 3418-3422, 2008
Challenges in DNA motion control and sequence readout using nanopore devices
S Carson, M Wanunu
Nanotechnology 26 (7), 074004, 2015
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