L Muravsky
L Muravsky
Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of the NAS Ukraine, Lviv
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New nondestructive method based on spatial-temporal speckle correlation technique for evaluation of apples quality during shelf-life
A Zdunek, LI Muravsky, L Frankevych, K Konstankiewicz
International Agrophysics 21 (3), 305-310, 2007
Two-frame phase-shifting interferometry for retrieval of smooth surface and its displacements
LI Muravsky, OP Ostash, TI Voronyak, IM Andreiko
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Random phase masks for image recognition in optical correlators
VM Fitio, LI Muravsky, AI Stefansky
International Conference on Holography and Correlation Optics 2647, 224-234, 1995
Transformed phase mask and photoanisotropic material in optical correlators applied for security verification
LI Muravsky, TI Voronyak, VM Fitio, MV Shovgenyuk
Optical Engineering 38 (1), 25-32, 1999
Error analysis for noise reduction in 3D deformation measurement with digital color holography
S Montrésor, P Picart, O Sakharuk, L Muravsky
JOSA B 34 (5), B9-B15, 2017
Refocus criterion based on maximization of the coherence factor in digital three-wavelength holographic interferometry
P Picart, S Montresor, O Sakharuk, L Muravsky
Optics letters 42 (2), 275-278, 2017
Two approaches to the blind phase shift extraction for two-step electronic speckle pattern interferometry
L Muravsky, A Kmet’, T Voronyak
Optical Engineering 52 (10), 101909-101909, 2013
Retrieving the relief of a low-roughness surface using a two-step interferometric method with blind phase shift of a reference wave
LI Muravsky, AB Kmet, TI Voronyak
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 50 (11), 1508-1516, 2012
Use of a joint transform correlator architecture for study of speckle displacements
LI Muravsky, OP Maksymenko, OM Sakharuk
Optics communications 240 (4-6), 275-291, 2004
Application of biospeckles for assessment of structural and cellular changes in muscle tissue
OP Maksymenko, LI Muravsky, MI Berezyuk
Journal of biomedical optics 20 (9), 095006-095006, 2015
Three-step interferometric method with blind phase shifts by use of interframe correlation between interferograms
LI Muravsky, AB Kmet, IV Stasyshyn, TI Voronyak, YV Bobitski
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 105, 27-34, 2018
Evaluation of fatigue process zone dimensions in notched specimens by two-step phase shifting interferometry technique
LI Muravsky, P Picart, AB Kmet’, TI Voronyak, OP Ostash, IV Stasyshyn
Optical Engineering 55 (10), 104108-104108, 2016
Identification of a random binary phase mask and its fragments with a joint transform correlator
LI Muravsky, VM Fitio, MV Shovgenyuk, PA Hlushak
Current Ukrainian Research in Optics and Photonics: Optoelectronic and …, 1997
Laser interferometry of surface for needs of technical diagnostics
LI Muravsky, TI Voronyak, K AB
Spolom, Lviv, 2014
Separation of random phase mask in an optical correlator for security verification
LI Muravsky, VM Fitio, MV Shovgenyuk, PA Hlushak
Algorithms, Devices, and Systems for Optical Information Processing II 3466 …, 1998
Increase of reliability of surface displacement field recovery by optical speckle-displacement correlation technique
LI Muravsky, OM Sakharuk, NV Fityo, PV Yezhov
Optics and lasers in engineering 45 (10), 993-1000, 2007
Detection of subsurface defects in composite panels using dynamic speckle patterns
L Muravsky, O Kuts, G Gaskevych, O Suriadova
2019 XIth International Scientific and Practical Conference on Electronics …, 2019
To the problem of the subsurface defects detection: theory and experiment
Z Nazarchuk, L Muravsky, D Kuryliak
Procedia Structural Integrity 16, 11-18, 2019
Ring Median Binarization of Joint Power Spectrum at Optical Correlation of Speckle Patterns
LI Muravsky, AN Sakharuk, NV Fitio, AV Pavlov
Bulletin-Russian Academy of Sciences Physics C/C of Izvestiia-Rossiiskaia …, 2006
Transformed phase mask in a hybrid joint transform correlator for security verification
LI Muravsky, YP Kulynych, TI Voronyak, VM Fitio, SA Kostyukevych
Algorithms, Devices, and Systems for Optical Information Processing III 3804 …, 1999
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