Aleksei Korzhenkov
Aleksei Korzhenkov
NRC Kurchatov Institute
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Microbiome Responses to an Uncontrolled Short-Term Diet Intervention in the Frame of the Citizen Science Project
NS Klimenko, AV Tyakht, AS Popenko, AS Vasiliev, IA Altukhov, ...
Nutrients 10 (5), 576, 2018
‘ARMAN’archaea depend on association with euryarchaeal host in culture and in situ
OV Golyshina, SV Toshchakov, KS Makarova, SN Gavrilov, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 60, 2017
Archaea dominate the microbial community in an ecosystem with low-to-moderate temperature and extreme acidity
AA Korzhenkov, SV Toshchakov, R Bargiela, H Gibbard, M Ferrer, ...
Microbiome 7 (1), 11, 2019
Draft genome sequences of new genomospecies “Candidatus Pectobacterium maceratum” strains, which cause soft rot in plants
FV Shirshikov, AA Korzhenkov, KK Miroshnikov, AP Kabanova, ...
Genome Announc. 6 (15), e00260-18, 2018
Biology of archaea from a novel family Cuniculiplasmataceae (Thermoplasmata) ubiquitous in hyperacidic environments
OV Golyshina, IV Kublanov, H Tran, AA Korzhenkov, H Lünsdorf, ...
Scientific reports 6, 39034, 2016
Microbial communities of polymetallic deposits’ acidic ecosystems of continental climatic zone with high temperature contrasts
SN Gavrilov, AA Korzhenkov, IV Kublanov, R Bargiela, L Zamana, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 10, 1573, 2019
Co-occurrence patterns of bacteria within microbiome of Moscow subway
NS Klimenko, AV Tyakht, SV Toshchakov, MA Shevchenko, ...
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 18, 314-322, 2020
Genomic insights into energy metabolism of Carboxydocella thermautotrophica coupling hydrogenogenic CO oxidation with the reduction of Fe (III) minerals
SV Toshchakov, AV Lebedinsky, TG Sokolova, DG Zavarzina, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 1759, 2018
Characterization of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum Bacteriophage PP16 Prospective for Biocontrol of Potato Soft Rot
MV Voronina, EN Bugaeva, DM Vasiliev, AP Kabanova, AP Barannik, ...
Microbiology 88, 451-460, 2019
First Report of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliense Causing Blackleg and Stem Rot Disease of Potato in Russia
MV Voronina, AP Kabanova, MM Shneider, AA Korzhenkov, ...
Plant Disease 103 (2), 364-364, 2019
Host specificity of the Dickeya bacteriophage PP35 is directed by a tail spike interaction with bacterial O-antigen, enabling the infection of alternative non-pathogenic …
AP Kabanova, MM Shneider, AA Korzhenkov, EN Bugaeva, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 3288, 2019
Diversity of “Ca. Micrarchaeota” in Two Distinct Types of Acidic Environments and Their Associations with Thermoplasmatales
OV Golyshina, R Bargiela, SV Toshchakov, NA Chernyh, S Ramayah, ...
Genes 10 (6), 461, 2019
Complete genome sequence of and proposal of Thermofilum uzonense sp. nov. a novel hyperthermophilic crenarchaeon and emended description of the genus Thermofilum
SV Toshchakov, AA Korzhenkov, NI Samarov, IO Mazunin, OI Mozhey, ...
Standards in genomic sciences 10 (1), 122, 2015
The genome analysis of Oleiphilus messinensis ME102 (DSM 13489T) reveals backgrounds of its obligate alkane-devouring marine lifestyle
SV Toshchakov, AA Korzhenkov, TN Chernikova, M Ferrer, OV Golyshina, ...
Marine genomics 36, 41-47, 2017
Origin and Evolution of Studiervirinae Bacteriophages Infecting Pectobacterium: Horizontal Transfer Assists Adaptation to New Niches
PV Evseev, AA Lukianova, MM Shneider, AA Korzhenkov, EN Bugaeva, ...
Microorganisms 8 (11), 1707, 2020
The Baltic Sea methane pockmark microbiome: The new insights into the patterns of relative abundance and ANME niche separation
TR Iasakov, TA Kanapatskiy, SV Toshchakov, AA Korzhenkov, ...
Marine Environmental Research, 105533, 2021
Culture-Independent Survey of Thermophilic Microbial Communities of the North Caucasus
SV Toshchakov, AO Izotova, EN Vinogradova, GS Kachmazov, ...
Biology 10 (12), 1352, 2021
Genomic characteristics of vB_PpaP_PP74, a T7-like Autographivirinae bacteriophage infecting a potato pathogen of the newly proposed species Pectobacterium parmentieri
A Kabanova, M Shneider, E Bugaeva, VTN Ha, K Miroshnikov, ...
Archives of virology 163 (6), 1691-1694, 2018
Phenotypic and genomic properties of a novel deep-lineage haloalkaliphilic member of the phylum Balneolaeota from soda lakes possessing Na+-translocating proteorhodopsin
DY Sorokin, MS Muntyan, SV Toshchakov, A Korzhenkov, IV Kublanov
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 2672, 2018
Tepidibacillus infernus sp. nov., a moderately thermophilic, selenate- and arsenate-respiring hydrolytic bacterium isolated from a gold mine, and emended description of the …
OA Podosokorskaya, AY Merkel, SN Gavrilov, I Fedoseev, E Heerden, ...
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 66 (8 …, 2016
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