Ana González-Nicolás
Ana González-Nicolás
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Imaging and quantification of spreading and trapping of carbon dioxide in saline aquifers using meter‐scale laboratory experiments
L Trevisan, R Pini, A Cihan, JT Birkholzer, Q Zhou, A González‐Nicolás, ...
Water Resources Research 53 (1), 485-502, 2017
Pressure management via brine extraction in geological CO2 storage: Adaptive optimization strategies under poorly characterized reservoir conditions
A González-Nicolás, A Cihan, R Petrusak, Q Zhou, R Trautz, ...
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 83, 176-185, 2019
Metamodeling-based approach for risk assessment and cost estimation: Application to geological carbon sequestration planning
AY Sun, H Jeong, A González-Nicolás, TC Templeton
Computers & Geosciences 113, 70-80, 2018
Investigation of representing hysteresis in macroscopic models of two‐phase flow in porous media using intermediate scale experimental data
A Cihan, J Birkholzer, L Trevisan, A Gonzalez‐Nicolas, T Illangasekare
Water Resources Research 53 (1), 199-221, 2017
Detection of potential leakage pathways from geological carbon storage by fluid pressure data assimilation
A González-Nicolás, D Baù, A Alzraiee
Advances in water resources 86, 366-384, 2015
Stochastic and global sensitivity analyses of uncertain parameters affecting the safety of geological carbon storage in saline aquifers of the Michigan Basin
A González-Nicolás, D Baù, BM Cody, A Alzraiee
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 37, 99-114, 2015
Carbon balance of CO2-EOR for NCNO classification
V Nuñez-López, R Gil-Egui, A Gonzalez-Nicolas, S Hovorka
Energy Procedia 114, 6597-6603, 2017
Enhancing capillary trapping effectiveness through proper time scheduling of injection of supercritical CO2 in heterogeneous formations
A González‐Nicolás, L Trevisan, TH Illangasekare, A Cihan, JT Birkholzer
Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology 7 (2), 339-352, 2017
Perspectives of physics-based machine learning strategies for geoscientific applications governed by partial differential equations
D Degen, D Caviedes Voullième, S Buiter, HJ Hendricks Franssen, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 16 (24), 7375-7409, 2023
Stochastic injection-strategy optimization for the preliminary assessment of candidate geological storage sites
BM Cody, D Bau, A Gonzalez-Nicolas
Hydrogeology Journal, 2015
Numerical simulation of CO2 injection into deep saline aquifers
A González-Nicolás, B Cody, D Baù
XXXI American Geophysical Union Hydrology Days, 2011
Characterization of Export Regimes in Concentration–Discharge Plots via an Advanced Time-Series Model and Event-Based Sampling Strategies
A Gonzalez-Nicolas, M Schwientek, M Sinsbeck, W Nowak
Water 13 (13), 2021
A Stochastic Framework to Optimize Monitoring Strategies for Delineating Groundwater Divides
J Allgeier, A González-Nicolás, D Erdal, W Nowak, OA Cirpka
Frontiers in Earth Science 8, 554845, 2020
An iterative global pressure solution for the semi-analytical simulation of geological carbon sequestration
D Baù, BM Cody, A González-Nicolás
Computational Geosciences 19, 781-789, 2015
Joint Optimization of Measurement and Modeling Strategies with Application to Radial Flow in Stratified Aquifers
R Maier, A Gonzalez‐Nicolas, C Leven, W Nowak, OA Cirpka
Water Resources Research, 2020
Optimal design of experiments to improve the characterisation of atrazine degradation pathways in soil
L Chavez Rodriguez, A González‐Nicolás, B Ingalls, T Streck, W Nowak, ...
European Journal of Soil Science 73 (1), e13211, 2022
Application of Binary Permeability Fields for the Study of CO2 Leakage from Geological Carbon Storage in Saline Aquifers of the Michigan Basin
A González-Nicolás, D Baù, BM Cody
Mathematical Geosciences, 1-23, 2017
Methodologies to detect leakages from geological carbon storage sites
AGN Álvarez
Colorado State University, 2014
Stochastic analysis of factors affecting the leakage of CO2 from injected geological basins
A González-Nicolás, B Cody, D Baù
XIX International Conference on Water Resources CMWR, 2012
Analyzing Potential Improvements to a Semi-Analytical CO2 Leakage Algorithm
B Cody, A González-Nicolás, D Baù
XXXII American Geophysical Union Hydrology Days, Fort Collins, 2012
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