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Keenan KG
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The aging neuromuscular system and motor performance
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Influence of amplitude cancellation on the simulated surface electromyogram
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The effects of single-leg landing technique on ACL loading
WA Laughlin, JT Weinhandl, TW Kernozek, SC Cobb, KG Keenan, ...
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Amplitude cancellation reduces the size of motor unit potentials averaged from the surface EMG
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Influence of motor unit properties on the size of the simulated evoked surface EMG potential
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Contralateral activity in a homologous hand muscle during voluntary contractions is greater in old adults
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Experimentally valid predictions of muscle force and EMG in models of motor-unit function are most sensitive to neural properties
KG Keenan, FJ Valero-Cuevas
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Power spectrum of the rectified EMG: when and why is rectification beneficial for identifying neural connectivity?
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Isotemporal substitution of sedentary behavior and physical activity on function
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Maximal voluntary fingertip force production is not limited by movement speed in combined motion and force tasks
KG Keenan, VJ Santos, M Venkadesan, FJ Valero-Cuevas
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Sensitivity of EMG-EMG coherence to detect the common oscillatory drive to hand muscles in young and older adults
KG Keenan, WV Massey, TJ Walters, JD Collins
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Girls in the boat: Sex differences in rowing performance and participation
KG Keenan, JW Senefeld, SK Hunter
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Oscillations in neural drive and age-related reductions in force steadiness with a cognitive challenge
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KG Keenan
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Epoch length to accurately estimate the amplitude of interference EMG is likely the result of unavoidable amplitude cancellation
KG Keenan, FJ Valero-Cuevas
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Fluctuations in motor output during steady contractions are weakly related across contraction types and between hands
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KG Keenan, WV Massey
PLoS One 7 (10), e48193, 2012
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