Anton V. Proskurnikov
Anton V. Proskurnikov
Assistant Professor (Ricercatore a Tempo Determinato tipo B) at Politecnico di Torino
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A Tutorial on Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Social Networks. Part I
AV Proskurnikov, R Tempo
Annual Reviews in Control 43, 65-79, 2017
Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks with Hostile Camps: Consensus vs. Polarization
A Proskurnikov, A Matveev, M Cao
IEEE Transaction on Automatic Control 61 (6), 1524-1536, 2016
Network science on belief system dynamics under logic constraints
A N.E. Friedkin, Proskurnikov, R Tempo, SE Parsegov
Science 354 (6310), 322-326, 2016
Novel Multidimensional Models of Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks
SE Parsegov, AV Proskurnikov, R Tempo, NE Friedkin
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 62 (5), 2270-2285, 2017
A guiding vector field algorithm for path following control of nonholonomic mobile robots
YA Kapitanyuk, AV Proskurnikov, M Cao
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 26 (4), 1372 - 1385, 2018
Average consensus in networks with nonlinearly delayed couplings and switching topology
AV Proskurnikov
Automatica 49 (9), 2928-2932, 2013
Synchronization of Pulse-Coupled Oscillators and Clocks under Minimal Connectivity Assumptions
AV Proskurnikov, M Cao
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 62 (11), 5873 - 5879, 2017
Consensus in switching networks with sectorial nonlinear couplings: Absolute stability approach
A Proskurnikov
Automatica 49 (2), 488-495, 2013
Consensus and polarization in Altafini's model with bidirectional time-varying network topologies
A Proskurnikov, A Matveev, M Cao
53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2112-2117, 2014
Problems and methods of network control
AV Proskurnikov, AL Fradkov
Automation and Remote Control 77 (10), 1711-1740, 2016
A new model of opinion dynamics for social actors with multiple interdependent attitudes and prejudices
SE Parsegov, AV Proskurnikov, R Tempo, NE Friedkin
2015 54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 3475-3480, 2015
Stability of continuous-time consensus algorithms for switching networks with bidirectional interaction
AS Matveev, I Novinitsyn, AV Proskurnikov
2013 European Control Conference (ECC), 1872-1877, 2013
Popov-Type Criterion for Consensus in Nonlinearly Coupled Networks.
A Proskurnikov, A Matveev
IEEE transactions on cybernetics 45 (8), 1537-1548, 2015
Opinion evolution in time-varying social influence networks with prejudiced agents
AV Proskurnikov, R Tempo, M Cao, NE Friedkin
IFAC-PapersOnLine 50 (1), 11896-11901, 2017
Nonlinear consensus algorithms with uncertain couplings
AV Proskurnikov
Asian Journal of Control 16 (5), 1277-1288, 2014
Dissipativity of T-periodic linear systems
VA Yakubovich, AL Fradkov, DJ Hill, AV Proskurnikov
Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on 52 (6), 1039 - 1047, 2007
Simple synchronization protocols for heterogeneous networks: beyond passivity
AV Proskurnikov, M Mazo Jr
IFAC-PapersOnLine 50 (1), 9426-9431, 2017
Synchronization of Goodwin’s oscillators under boundedness and nonnegativeness constraints for solutions
AV Proskurnikov, M Cao
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 62 (1), 372-378, 2017
A general criterion for synchronization of incrementally dissipative nonlinearly coupled agents
AV Proskurnikov, F Zhang, M Cao, JMA Scherpen
2015 European Control Conference (ECC), 581-586, 2015
Opinion dynamics using Altafini's model with a time-varying directed graph
AV Proskurnikov, M Cao
2014 IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control (ISIC), 849-854, 2014
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