Ignacio A Figueroa
Ignacio A Figueroa
Professor of Metallurgy, Institute of Materials Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico
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Metal injection moulding of CP-Ti components for biomedical applications
AT Sidambe, IA Figueroa, HGC Hamilton, I Todd
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 212 (7), 1591-1597, 2012
Glass formation in a high entropy alloy system by design
A Cunliffe, J Plummer, I Figueroa, I Todd
Intermetallics 23, 204-207, 2012
Manufacturing of open-cell Mg foams by replication process and mechanical properties
JO Osorio-Hernández, MA Suarez, R Goodall, GA Lara-Rodriguez, ...
Materials & Design 64, 136-141, 2014
Synthesis of belite cements at low temperature from silica fume and natural commercial zeolite
TL Ávalos-Rendón, EAP Chelala, CJM Escobedo, IA Figueroa, VH Lara, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 229, 79-85, 2018
FEA evaluation of the Al4C3 formation effect on the Young’s modulus of carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum matrix composites
I Alfonso, O Navarro, J Vargas, A Beltrán, C Aguilar, G González, ...
Composite Structures 127, 420-425, 2015
The effect of oxygen pickup during selective laser melting on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti–6Al–4V lattices
M Velasco-Castro, E Hernández-Nava, IA Figueroa, I Todd, R Goodall
Heliyon 5 (12), 2019
Study of the Al-Si-X system by different cooling rates and heat treatment
MA Suarez, I Figueroa, A Cruz, A Hernandez, JF Chavez
Materials Research 15, 763-769, 2012
Metal injection moulding of Ti-64 components using a water soluble binder
AT Sidambe, IA Figueroa, H Hamilton, I Todd
PIM International 4 (4), 56-62, 2010
Effect of B, Si and Cr on the mechanical properties of Fe-based amorphous metallic ribbons
IA Figueroa, I Betancourt, G Lara, JA Verduzco
Journal of non-crystalline solids 351 (37-39), 3075-3080, 2005
Influence of minor alloying additions on the glass-forming ability of Mg–Ni–La bulk metallic glasses
S González, IA Figueroa, I Todd
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 484 (1-2), 612-618, 2009
A replication-casting device for manufacturing open-cell Mg foams
GA Lara-Rodriguez, IA Figueroa, MA Suarez, O Novelo-Peralta, I Alfonso, ...
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 243, 16-22, 2017
Numerical and experimental study of a 5754-aluminum alloy processed by heterogeneous repetitive corrugation and straightening
M Ezequiel, IA Figueroa, S Elizalde, JM Cabrera, C Braham, L Morin, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 9 (2), 1941-1947, 2020
Formation of Cu–Hf–Ti bulk metallic glasses
IA Figueroa, HA Davies, I Todd
Journal of alloys and compounds 434, 164-166, 2007
Production of Al–Cu–Fe metallic foams without foaming agents or space holders
MA Suarez, IA Figueroa, G Gonzalez, GA Lara-Rodriguez, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 585, 318-324, 2014
Crystallization kinetics of Cu55Hf45 glassy alloy
O Lozada-Flores, IA Figueroa, GA Lara, G Gonzalez, C Borja-Soto, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 460, 1-5, 2017
Synergy between magnetorheological fluids and aluminum foams: Prospective alternative for seismic damping
M Aguilera Portillo, P Santa Ana Lozada, IA Figueroa, MA Suarez, ...
Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 27 (7), 872-879, 2016
Bulk glass formation and mechanical properties for Cu–Hf–Ti–M (M= B, Y) alloys
IA Figueroa, R Rawal, P Stewart, PA Carroll, HA Davies, H Jones, I Todd
Journal of non-crystalline solids 353 (8-10), 839-841, 2007
DEM–FEA estimation of pores arrangement effect on the compressive Young’s modulus for Mg foams
L Pérez, S Lascano, C Aguilar, D Estay, U Messner, IA Figueroa, I Alfonso
Computational Materials Science 110, 281-286, 2015
Properties and atomic structure of amorphous early transition metals
R Ristić, E Babić, D Pajić, K Zadro, A Kuršumović, IA Figueroa, HA Davies, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 504, S194-S197, 2010
Microstructural evolution and mechanical behavior of an Al-6061 alloy processed by repetitive corrugation and straightening
S Elizalde, M Ezequiel, IA Figueroa, JM Cabrera, C Braham, G Gonzalez
Metals 10 (4), 489, 2020
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