Xiujie Zhao
Xiujie Zhao
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A mixture of variational canonical correlation analysis for nonlinear and quality-relevant process monitoring
Y Liu, B Liu, X Zhao, M Xie
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Resilience design method based on meta-structure: A case study of offshore wind farm
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Heuristic hybrid game approach for fleet condition-based maintenance planning
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Reliability modeling and analysis of load-sharing systems with continuously degrading components
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Using accelerated life tests data to predict warranty cost under imperfect repair
X Zhao, M Xie
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Utilizing experimental degradation data for warranty cost optimization under imperfect repair
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A finite-horizon condition-based maintenance policy for a two-unit system with dependent degradation processes
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Life cycle cost analysis considering multiple dependent degradation processes and environmental influence
B Liu, X Zhao, G Liu, Y Liu
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Optimal condition-based maintenance policy with delay for systems subject to competing failures under continuous monitoring
X Zhao, S He, Z He, M Xie
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Development of RVM-based multiple-output soft sensors with serial and parallel stacking strategies
Y Liu, B Liu, X Zhao, M Xie
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Design and pricing of extended warranty menus based on the multinomial logit choice model
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Accelerated degradation tests planning with competing failure modes
X Zhao, J Xu, B Liu
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A performance-based warranty for products subject to competing hard and soft failures
X Wang, B Liu, X Zhao
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Reliability modeling with condition-based maintenance for binary-state deteriorating systems considering zoned shock effects
G Wei, X Zhao, S He, Z He
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A complimentary extended warranty: Profit analysis and pricing strategy
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Accelerated degradation tests with inspection effects
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Planning accelerated reliability tests for mission-oriented systems subject to degradation and shocks
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Maintenance optimisation for systems with multi-dimensional degradation and imperfect inspections
B Liu, X Zhao, Y Liu, P Do
International Journal of Production Research 59 (24), 7537-7559, 2021
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