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A terrestrial planet candidate in a temperate orbit around Proxima Centauri
G Anglada-Escudé, PJ Amado, J Barnes, ZM Berdiñas, RP Butler, ...
Nature 536 (7617), 437, 2016
Indirect carbon dioxide emissions from producing bioenergy from forest harvest residues
A Repo, M Tuomi, J Liski
Gcb Bioenergy 3 (2), 107-115, 2011
Leaf litter decomposition—Estimates of global variability based on Yasso07 model
M Tuomi, T Thum, H Järvinen, S Fronzek, B Berg, M Harmon, ...
Ecological Modelling 220 (23), 3362-3371, 2009
Heterotrophic soil respiration—comparison of different models describing its temperature dependence
M Tuomi, P Vanhala, K Karhu, H Fritze, J Liski
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Temperature sensitivity of organic matter decomposition in two boreal forest soil profiles
K Karhu, H Fritze, M Tuomi, P Vanhala, P Spetz, V Kitunen, J Liski
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 42 (1), 72-82, 2010
Forest bioenergy climate impact can be improved by allocating forest residue removal
A Repo, R Känkänen, JP Tuovinen, R Antikainen, M Tuomi, P Vanhala, ...
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Wood decomposition model for boreal forests
M Tuomi, R Laiho, A Repo, J Liski
Ecological Modelling 222 (3), 709-718, 2011
Temperature sensitivity of soil carbon fractions in boreal forest soil
K Karhu, H Fritze, K Hämäläinen, P Vanhala, H Jungner, M Oinonen, ...
Ecology 91 (2), 370-376, 2010
Old soil carbon is more temperature sensitive than the young in an agricultural field
P Vanhala, K Karhu, M Tuomi, E Sonninen, H Jungner, H Fritze, J Liski
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 39 (11), 2967-2970, 2007
Temperature sensitivity of soil organic matter decomposition in southern and northern areas of the boreal forest zone
P Vanhala, K Karhu, M Tuomi, K Björklöf, H Fritze, J Liski
Soil biology and biochemistry 40 (7), 1758-1764, 2008
Soil carbon model Yasso07 graphical user interface
M Tuomi, J Rasinmäki, A Repo, P Vanhala, J Liski
Environmental Modelling & Software 26 (11), 1358-1362, 2011
Bayesian search for low-mass planets around nearby M dwarfs–estimates for occurrence rate based on global detectability statistics
M Tuomi, HRA Jones, JR Barnes, G Anglada-Escudé, JS Jenkins
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 441 (2), 1545-1569, 2014
Two planets around Kapteyn's star: a cold and a temperate super-Earth orbiting the nearest halo red dwarf
G Anglada-Escudé, P Arriagada, M Tuomi, M Zechmeister, JS Jenkins, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters 443 (1), L89-L93, 2014
The Anglo-Australian planet search. XXII. Two new multi-planet systems
RA Wittenmyer, J Horner, M Tuomi, GS Salter, CG Tinney, RP Butler, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 753 (2), 169, 2012
A candidate super-Earth planet orbiting near the snow line of Barnard’s star
I Ribas, M Tuomi, A Reiners, RP Butler, JC Morales, M Perger, S Dreizler, ...
Nature 563 (7731), 365, 2018
GJ 832c: a super-Earth in the habitable zone
RA Wittenmyer, M Tuomi, RP Butler, HRA Jones, G Anglada-Escudé, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 791 (2), 114, 2014
The Yasso07 soil carbon model–Testing against repeated soil carbon inventory
M Rantakari, A Lehtonen, T Linkosalo, M Tuomi, P Tamminen, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 286, 137-147, 2012
Transplantation of organic surface horizons of boreal soils into warmer regions alters microbiology but not the temperature sensitivity of decomposition
P Vanhala, K Karhu, M Tuomi, K Björklöf, H Fritze, H Hyvärinen, J Liski
Global Change Biology 17 (1), 538-550, 2011
The anglo-australian planet search. XXIII. Two new Jupiter analogs
RA Wittenmyer, J Horner, CG Tinney, RP Butler, HRA Jones, M Tuomi, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 783 (2), 103, 2014
A dynamically-packed planetary system around GJ 667C with three super-Earths in its habitable zone
G Anglada-Escudé, M Tuomi, E Gerlach, R Barnes, R Heller, JS Jenkins, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 556, A126, 2013
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