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A review of thermography as promising non-invasive detection modality for breast tumor
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 48 (5), 849-859, 2009
Automated diagnosis of arrhythmia using combination of CNN and LSTM techniques with variable length heart beats
SL Oh, EYK Ng, R San Tan, UR Acharya
Computers in biology and medicine 102, 278-287, 2018
Computer-aided diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy: A review
MRK Mookiah, UR Acharya, CK Chua, CM Lim, EYK Ng, A Laude
Computers in biology and medicine 43 (12), 2136-2155, 2013
Thermography based breast cancer detection using texture features and support vector machine
UR Acharya, EYK Ng, JH Tan, SV Sree
Journal of medical systems 36, 1503-1510, 2012
Algorithms for the automated detection of diabetic retinopathy using digital fundus images: a review
O Faust, R Acharya U, EYK Ng, KH Ng, JS Suri
Journal of medical systems 36, 145-157, 2012
A perspective on medical infrared imaging
LJ Jiang, EYK Ng, ACB Yeo, S Wu, F Pan, WY Yau, JH Chen, Y Yang
Journal of medical engineering & technology 29 (6), 257-267, 2005
Identification of different stages of diabetic retinopathy using retinal optical images
WL Yun, UR Acharya, YV Venkatesh, C Chee, LC Min, EYK Ng
Information sciences 178 (1), 106-121, 2008
An open access database for evaluating the algorithms of electrocardiogram rhythm and morphology abnormality detection
F Liu, C Liu, L Zhao, X Zhang, X Wu, X Xu, Y Liu, C Ma, S Wei, Z He, J Li, ...
Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics 8 (7), 1368-1373, 2018
Infrared thermography on ocular surface temperature: a review
JH Tan, EYK Ng, UR Acharya, C Chee
Infrared physics & technology 52 (4), 97-108, 2009
WUDAPT: An urban weather, climate, and environmental modeling infrastructure for the anthropocene
J Ching, G Mills, B Bechtel, L See, J Feddema, X Wang, C Ren, ...
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 99 (9), 1907-1924, 2018
Computer-based detection of diabetes retinopathy stages using digital fundus images
UR Acharya, CM Lim, EYK Ng, C Chee, T Tamura
Proceedings of the institution of mechanical engineers, part H: journal of …, 2009
Analysis of IR thermal imager for mass blind fever screening
EYK Ng, GJL Kawb, WM Chang
Microvascular research 68 (2), 104-109, 2004
Application of empirical mode decomposition (EMD) for automated detection of epilepsy using EEG signals
RJ Martis, UR Acharya, JH Tan, A Petznick, R Yanti, CK Chua, EYK Ng, ...
International journal of neural systems 22 (06), 1250027, 2012
Mathematical modeling of skin bioheat transfer
F Xu, TJ Lu, KA Seffen, EYK Ng
Applied mechanics reviews 62 (5), 2009
Application of higher order spectra for the identification of diabetes retinopathy stages
R Acharya U, CK Chua, EYK Ng, W Yu, C Chee
Journal of medical systems 32, 481-488, 2008
Breast imaging: a survey
SV Sree, EYK Ng, RU Acharya, O Faust
World journal of clinical oncology 2 (4), 171, 2011
An improved three-dimensional direct numerical modelling and thermal analysis of a female breast with tumour
EYK Ng, NM Sudharsan
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of …, 2001
Statistical analysis of healthy and malignant breast thermography
E YK Ng, LN Ung, FC Ng, LSJ Sim
Journal of medical engineering & technology 25 (6), 253-263, 2001
Evolutionary algorithm based classifier parameter tuning for automatic diabetic retinopathy grading: A hybrid feature extraction approach
MRK Mookiah, UR Acharya, RJ Martis, CK Chua, CM Lim, EYK Ng, ...
Knowledge-based systems 39, 9-22, 2013
An integrated index for the identification of diabetic retinopathy stages using texture parameters
UR Acharya, EYK Ng, JH Tan, SV Sree, KH Ng
Journal of medical systems 36, 2011-2020, 2012
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