Hui Ling
Hui Ling
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MicroRNAs and other non-coding RNAs as targets for anticancer drug development
H Ling, M Fabbri, GA Calin
Nature reviews Drug discovery 12 (11), 847-865, 2013
CCAT2, a novel noncoding RNA mapping to 8q24, underlies metastatic progression and chromosomal instability in colon cancer
H Ling, R Spizzo, Y Atlasi, M Nicoloso, M Shimizu, RS Redis, N Nishida, ...
Genome research 23 (9), 1446-1461, 2013
Junk DNA and the long non-coding RNA twist in cancer genetics
H Ling, K Vincent, M Pichler, R Fodde, I Berindan-Neagoe, FJ Slack, ...
Oncogene 34 (39), 5003-5011, 2015
6‐Shogaol, an active constituent of ginger, inhibits breast cancer cell invasion by reducing matrix metalloproteinase‐9 expression via blockade of nuclear factor‐κB activation
H Ling, H Yang, SH Tan, WK Chui, EH Chew
British journal of pharmacology 161 (8), 1763-1777, 2010
CCAT2, a novel long non-coding RNA in breast cancer: expression study and clinical correlations
RS Redis, AM Sieuwerts, MP Look, O Tudoran, C Ivan, R Spizzo, X Zhang, ...
Oncotarget 4 (10), 1748, 2013
MicroRNA processing and human cancer
M Ohtsuka, H Ling, Y Doki, M Mori, GA Calin
Journal of clinical medicine 4 (8), 1651-1667, 2015
Allele-specific reprogramming of cancer metabolism by the long non-coding RNA CCAT2
RS Redis, LE Vela, W Lu, JF de Oliveira, C Ivan, C Rodriguez-Aguayo, ...
Molecular cell 61 (4), 520-534, 2016
Regulation of pri-miRNA processing by a long noncoding RNA transcribed from an ultraconserved region
J Liz, A Portela, M Soler, A Gomez, H Ling, G Michlewski, GA Calin, S Guil, ...
Molecular cell 55 (1), 138-147, 2014
The clinical and biological significance of MIR-224 expression in colorectal cancer metastasis
H Ling, K Pickard, C Ivan, C Isella, M Ikuo, R Mitter, R Spizzo, MD Bullock, ...
Gut 65 (6), 977-989, 2016
MicroRNAs: clinical relevance in colorectal cancer
J Thomas, M Ohtsuka, M Pichler, H Ling
International journal of molecular sciences 16 (12), 28063-28076, 2015
Cytotoxic and anti-oxidant activities of lanostane-type triterpenes isolated from Poria cocos
L Zhou, Y Zhang, LA Gapter, H Ling, R Agarwal, K Ng
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 56 (10), 1459-1462, 2008
H19 noncoding RNA, an independent prognostic factor, regulates essential Rb-E2F and CDK8-β-catenin signaling in colorectal cancer
M Ohtsuka, H Ling, C Ivan, M Pichler, D Matsushita, M Goblirsch, ...
EBioMedicine 13, 113-124, 2016
HINCUTs in cancer: hypoxia-induced noncoding ultraconserved transcripts
J Ferdin, N Nishida, X Wu, MS Nicoloso, MY Shah, C Devlin, H Ling, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 20 (12), 1675-1687, 2013
Long noncoding RNA ceruloplasmin promotes cancer growth by altering glycolysis
R Rupaimoole, J Lee, M Haemmerle, H Ling, RA Previs, S Pradeep, ...
Cell reports 13 (11), 2395-2402, 2015
N-BLR, a primate-specific non-coding transcript leads to colorectal cancer invasion and migration
I Rigoutsos, SK Lee, SY Nam, S Anfossi, B Pasculli, M Pichler, Y Jing, ...
Genome biology 18, 1-21, 2017
MicroRNAs as novel predictive biomarkers and therapeutic targets in colorectal cancer
V Stiegelbauer, S Perakis, A Deutsch, H Ling, A Gerger, M Pichler
World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG 20 (33), 11727, 2014
Pachymic acid impairs breast cancer cell invasion by suppressing nuclear factor-κB-dependent matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression
H Ling, Y Zhang, KY Ng, EH Chew
Breast cancer research and treatment 126, 609-620, 2011
The long noncoding RNA CCAT2 induces chromosomal instability through BOP1-AURKB signaling
B Chen, MP Dragomir, L Fabris, R Bayraktar, E Knutsen, X Liu, C Tang, ...
Gastroenterology 159 (6), 2146-2162. e33, 2020
Therapeutic potential of FLANC, a novel primate-specific long non-coding RNA in colorectal cancer
M Pichler, C Rodriguez-Aguayo, SY Nam, MP Dragomir, R Bayraktar, ...
Gut 69 (10), 1818-1831, 2020
MiR‐96‐5p influences cellular growth and is associated with poor survival in colorectal cancer patients
AL Ress, V Stiegelbauer, E Winter, D Schwarzenbacher, T Kiesslich, ...
Molecular carcinogenesis 54 (11), 1442-1450, 2015
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